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Ever since I became a pet parent, my social networking feed is now filled with pet related videos, especially my 'For You Page' on TikTok. My favorite finds have been veterinarians providing insightful advice whilst throwing in a fun spontaneity. Who better to get advice from than our veterinary heroes? 

Thanks to the wonders of TikTok, we now have veterinarian insight in the palm in our hands and may see to their daily lives. TikTok vets aren't afraid to show the realities of being a veterinarian and share everything from the good, unhealthy, and the ugly. 

Here are a few vets who will perhaps you have doing hour-long TikTok binge sessions.


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Dr. Hunter Finn (@dr.hunterfinn)

Dr. Hunter Finn isn't afraid to bust a move while sharing important animal wellness information. He's referred to as dancing veterinarian, keeping trendy with the most popular TikTok dances and songs. 

While he often keeps things lighthearted and fun, he's not afraid to share the realities to be a veterinarian. Dr. Finn keeps his videos short, sweet, and right to the point whether he's disproving myths, sharing pet health tips or telling individuals to stop always trusting the internet for pet facts. 

He also does lots of duets with people who've pet related questions, so don't be afraid to tag him with any queries you might have regarding your furry friend. With 1.9 million followers and 40.9 million video likes, he's become one of the most popular veterinarians on TikTok. 

Dr. Andrew Jones (@veterinarysecrets)

If you are looking for great animal medical health advice, Dr. Andrew Jones is essential follow. He shares everything from pet CPR to natural treatments which help prevent cancer inside your pet.  He also debunks lots of myths like dogs eating grass and the wet nose myth. 

If you're looking for natural and holistic pet health tips, Dr. Jones supplies a lot of insight on some of the best products to keep throughout the house for the four legged friend. His following is growing with 114,000 followers and 1.4 million likes on TikTok.


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Dr. Adam Christman (@dr.adamchristman52)

If you're a dachshund (aka weiner dog) lover, Dr. Adam Christman is a must follow. He owns five dachshunds of their own which he often features in the TikToks, and creates fun segments around his dogs. If you haven't seen a video including his dog Clark W. Griswold, I recommend a person finishes reading this article after which binge watch Dr. Chistman's TikTok.

It's easy to tell that Dr. Christman is really a veterinarian who goes above and beyond for his patients as he goes above and beyond informing his followers of the greatest products for his or her fur babies. He often would go to pet stores to indicate veterinarian favorites and is cognizant of the fact that each pet differs, so he provides a number of options. 

Dr. Christman comes with an upbeat energy and a deep desire for animal welfare that you could feel through the phone. His informative pet tips are a are required to follow on TikTok!

Dr. Matt McGlasson (@docmcg)

Cat lovers, this veterinarian is for you. Dr. Matt McGlasson often posts videos you will probably find in #kittensoftiktok featuring a wide selection of adorable cats. He often features his daughter's special needs rescue cat which has immobile hind legs as well as an immense quantity of sass.

On Dr. McGlasson's TikTok account, there is no lack of adorable pet videos, including him smuggling animals in the jacket, battling feisty kittens, and having fun with his family's pets. Almost every video is filled with humor plus some sort of skit involving his furry patients with a number of informative videos added too in between.


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Dr. Shawna Huston (@dogtor_huston)

Dr. Shawna Huston has got the perfect balance of mixing humor with information. In a single video she may be sharing informative information about ticks and flicks as well as in the following she'll produce a humorous skit revolving around the everyday struggles of being a veterinarian.

Rather than the typical dog and cat videos that you see on TikTok, one of the most unique parts of Dr. Huston's account is her features of exotic animal vet services. For example, she took her viewers through the procedure for giving an antibiotic injection to a snake. 

If you’re looking for hours of pet entertainment, this is actually the account for you. Her surgery technician (@mother_of_pigs) is also another great TikTok follow if you are seeking more Dr. Huston content.

The life of a veterinarian can be hectic at times, therefore we appreciate these TikTok veterinarians giving us a glimpse into their daily lives. The data they provide can often be life changing for his or her followers and save the lives of many pets. 

While these veterinarians often give great advice, will still be vital that you seek advice from your own veterinarian before taking action. Now you have to binge TikTok!

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