Britain's drivers who faced a lb100 hike in auto insurance premiums can expect prices to increase even higher next year


DRIVERS hit by a lb100 increase in insurance this season face a level steeper rise in 2021.

Motorists forked out an extra 14 per cent in 2021, using the average annual premium to lb840.

Next year's expected rise will mean vehicle cover has gone up 65 percent rise – typically lb329 – in a decade.

Amanda Stretton, from, warned: “Worryingly, there's every possibility car insurance prices will be the priciest on record throughout the first half of 2021.

“Luckily, insurers have to show drivers what they paid for their auto insurance last year at point of renewal.

“Drivers attempting to make savings should take note of their renewal price and have a couple of minutes to get a comparable quote."

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