Worried about getting your car nicked? Then move to this super safe UK city


IF the idea of your car being stolen is keeping you up during the night, relocating to a different part of the country could be (an expensive) method to ease your concern.

A new study has revealed the UK's safest cities for cars, and also the places that motorists are least likely to become a victim of car theft or break-ins.

Research conducted by Admiral found residents residing in Norwich were least likely to report their car stolen, while Newcastle and Belfast also recorded a very low number of theft claims.

On the other end of the spectrum, Liverpool proved to be the area in which you were most likely to possess your vehicle stolen, closely accompanied by central London and Birmingham.

The data revealed the Ford Fiesta was the car most likely to be stolen, followed by the Range Rover and Volkswagen Golf.

But based on a representative from Admiral, motorists should be more concerned about having their cars burgled instead of stolen.

The research indicated claims for car break-ins were significantly greater than those for theft.

When it comes to location, Belfast is the safest city to prevent having your car broken directly into, closely followed by Newcastle and Brighton.

Data also showed criminals were consistent with the cars they target, as the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Fiesta featured again, this time around one of the cars most often broken in to.

London proved probably the most hazardous area, with different regions of the capital taking up the top four spots for areas with the most break-in claims.

Overall, Belfast turned out to be the safest city for avoiding both car theft and break-in, in addition to home burglary.

Head of claims at Admiral, Lorna Connelly, said: “Relatively few of the claims we cope with are for car crime, and also the improvement in-car security doesn't have doubt led to fewer thefts in recent years.

"However, our studies have shown it's still an issue that hasn't gone away. Car owners should do anything they can to ensure they aren't a target.

“Our data suggests home burglaries tend to be more of the problem than car crime in certain cities, for instance Southampton came eighth in our listing of safest cities for cars being stolen, but was tenth worst for house burglaries.

“Simple measures such as making sure cars are well secured with alarms and video security cameras and that valuable merchandise is not on display for those to determine will help deter criminals.”