Are you currently insured whenever you leave your vehicle at an off-site airport carpark? Countless holidaymakers risk being excluded from pocket this summer


HANDING your car keys to an off-airport auto parking service when you are on vacation could leave your motor uninsured.

Millions of customers will use valet parking firms come july 1st but are running the chance of a hefty bill on their own go back to the united kingdom.

Parking operators and your insurer may both refuse to pay out for damage or theft for your car.

Some airport parking firms use signs to say "you depart your car at your own risk" or may bury liability rules on exemptions and excess in terms and conditions.

While claims through your insurer might be rejected if you've not checked your conditions and terms.

It'd leave you footing the bill for any dents and scratches incurred although it was parked.

Possessions like laptops or sat navs stolen from cars are unlikely to become covered, too.

A previous study by Go Compare found nearly half of 230 insurers wouldn't cover "damage to the automobile whilst in the charge of valet parking staff".

Insurance worries affect valet parking in which you drop your car off in the departure lounge and off-site car parks where you leave your keys with the company.

Some problem reports include cars left in water-logged fields and windows and doors left unlocked.

To avoid an unexpected bill, you should contact your insurer Before you decide to travel to make certain you're covered if anything goes completely wrong.

Ben Howarth, the Association of British Insurer's senior policy adviser for Motor and Liability, added: “Motor insurers expects you to do all you can to avoid an automobile being stolen.

"Before you give your keys to anyone, make sure you know precisely what arrangements they have in place were your vehicle to be stolen."