The brand new car insurance price comparison app that offers to slash your premium with firms bidding for the safest drivers


AN new app is promising to slash insurance premiums for that safest drivers.

The Honcho app lets insurers bid on the motorists least prone to claim they are driving down policy prices.

The "reverse auction" means Brits won't be hit by inflated prices that turn up in price comparison websites.

Popular comparison sites charge commission – normally around lb60 per customer – for insurers who get business through them.

These costs are then passed onto drivers stopping premiums being as cheap as they could be.

But Honcho said insurers pays just lb1 to invest in a person.

It means motorists with a decent background and little claims history is going to be offered lower premiums to secure their trade.

The system will even help lower the exorbitant fees charged to young drivers.

Users can request bids and then see them through the app before picking the insurance policy that most closely fits them.

The new app is due to launch later this UK after raising lb850,000 in start-up funding.

And it claims that several new insurers and brokers have agreed to sign up to the scheme to begin offering deals.

Once Honcho has been rolled out to auto insurance, it'll target home and pet policies, too.

Gavin Sewell, Honcho CEO, said: "Honcho is a great focal point in the united kingdom consumer insurance market and revolutionise the industry for drivers, particularly young motorists who face real challenges in securing an aggressive deal.”