5 Low Calorie Ways to Pamper Your pet


I show my love with food- everyone within my office can verify this. 

Every pet in our office gains weight when I'm around. Once they stare at me using their big, beautiful eyes, I can't help but give out treats like Oprah gives out cars. 

What I found realize was, I was carrying out a disservice towards the animals I thought about. Treats can be quite calorie dense and are meant to be limited as Dr. Ruthann Lobos mentions within this podcast. 

As I begin to retrain myself, I'm learning new methods to treat the cats and dogs I adore. Taking a more health-conscious step, means they'll be not as likely to have certainly one of a lot of ailments brought on by pet obesity.


Just like we've special spa days, our pets can appreciate extra special grooming days. Clipping nails, conditioning paws, and conditioning fur will all contribute to our pets feeling great. 

While they might not enjoy the process, so many of our animals strut their stuff following a good grooming session. Being an added bonus, you will have a fresh furbaby to wrap your arms around. 

Dog-led Walk

Going for a walk can seem to be like a mandatory chore sometimes. We all know we need to take our dogs out to do their business, but may these walks are extremely limited, they do not are able to explore. 

Take your pet for a walk and let them decide your rights and lefts along the way. Go ahead, linger too long at this tree- it's their time to enjoy!

Homemade Treats

Remember those calories packed treats? Well, we are able to avoid that by making our own treats with whole ingredients. 

There a multitude of great recipes, like pupsicles, biscuits, as well as doggy cupcakes. 


There's one pet we give most of our attention to- our cell phone. Put down your tool and give your dog just a little undivided attention. They spend all their time dedicated to us, it's the least we're able to do!


Dogs are den animals, and while so many adore playtime, they require alone time too. Providing them with an appropriate place where they can relax and decompress is so important to ensure they are able to feel secure. 

It can be difficult to depart old habits behind, but it is always my goal to depart people, places, and pets much better than I discovered them. If you feel exactly the same way, consider donating for an animal in need of assistance. 

If you've got a special way to treat your dog, let us know within the comments below!

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