10 Most Frequently Stolen Dog Breeds


Specific dog breeds are targeted directly by thieves because of a variety of factors. Knowing can help keep our pets safe.

#10 Labrador Retriever

Holding the title for many popular dog for 26 years, the trusty Labrador Retriever is among the most versatile breeds. However, despite its name, the Labrador Retriever didn't come from a Labrador at all! These were bred from the Newfoundland!

In the 1800s this breed was refined and used widely as a popular hunting breed, but today their jobs range between companion to search-and-rescue. Furthermore their sleek coats make Labrador Retrievers capable swimmers, their lovable demeanor make sure they are an ideal partners for cuddling!

As the most common dog breed in the U.S., Labs are stolen mostly because of their easy resale to an unsuspecting public. Thieves benefit from this breed's easygoing nature and willingness to follow along with commands.

Like other dogs of larger size, they are commonly taken from yards or kennels. By microchipping a dog, police may have the something to prove a dog is stolen and not missing. Labs may bring upwards of $1000, making a beautiful payday for unscrupulous criminals.

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#9 German Shepherd

Equipped with a bite of the estimated 238 pounds of force, keen intelligence, and fast training abilities. It is no wonder these magnificent breeds are used almost exclusively by police and military forces. In fact, their retentive memory built them into the first breed to be trained as guides for that blind in 1929. While being extremely loyal and patient, this breed’s love and devotion for their owners remains unmatched.

Valued for their role as attack dogs, the German Shepherd can find its way into the incorrect hands because of their trusting and loyal nature. However, their exploitation doesn't hold on there; many happen to be known to become used as bait dogs in fighting rings, together with Rottweilers and Dobermans. Once caught, the dog can be resold quickly being that they are the 2nd most popular within the U.S.

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#8 Pit Bull

Used on farms for hunting and protection, these loyal creatures were regarded as so trustworthy that they frequently enlisted as nursemaids for children. In terms of their “locking jaws”, they do not have any. A 2009 study even showed their bite force to be less than that of a German Shepherd or Rottweiler. Viewed as an unsafe breed, these lovable creatures may rollover and demand some good ole rubs than cause harm.

Like German Shepherds, Pit Bulls are not immune to being stolen and traded in dog fighting circles in a repulsive cycle of malicious crime. Younger pits tend to be more prone to the unwanted separation, though some adults are obtained from day to day. In some instances, your dog is used solely to reproduce and discarded whenever they can no more produce.

As probably the most misunderstood breeds, Pit Bulls are unfairly burdened with the stereotypes of aggression and anger. In fact, probably the most misunderstood ideas would be that the Dog isn't a dog breed at all but is really a general term that encapsulates many different breeds of canines.

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#7 Labradoodle

Originally bred to be guide dogs for the blind, the Labradoodle and all sorts of its cuteness was introduced in 1988. Their loving and respectful personality not just make sure they are ideal therapy dogs for all those with autism, physical disabilities, and depression, but their unique, hypoallergenic coat was designed to reduce shedding and dander for those with allergies. They come in a range of sizes and colors, but never stop being the most perfect stuffed animal for cuddling.

While purebreds would be the most frequently stolen, some desirable mixes like the Labradoodle, become highly specific targets.

Considered a designer breed, that one is highly valuable, often fetching upwards of $1000, and therefore are easily sold either to unsuspecting individuals or those willing to turn a blind eye. Little can be achieved to return these animals otherwise microchipped and registered in early stages.

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#6 Chihuahua

Deemed as the world’s smallest breed, Chihuahuas come with an average weight of just 2 to six pounds along with a height of 6 to 10 inches. However, don’t let this fool you. This breed could be just like feisty as they possibly can be sweet and can easily scare away predators bigger than themselves when it comes to protecting their loved ones.

Named following the city Chihuahua in Mexico, it is stated these creatures, much more the wild, were known to climb trees with the grace of the squirrel. Strangely enough, they are also natural retrievers and are pleased to return any stick, ball, or toy that's thrown!

The highly portable Chihuahua is, unsurprisingly, often snatched from large purses or bags while accompanying their owners on public outings. While averaging under $400, your dog is really a reasonable require the opportunistic criminal. Recovery is nearly impossible, though steps can be taken to sniff out these missing pets by using online sales or local signage because most thieves of lower cost boutique dogs use public, instead of underground dealing.

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#5 French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are not French whatsoever! Ironically enough, these lovable pets originated from England! Used as pocket-sized companions, this breed may thrive on contact with others and is always up for snuggle sesh!

While the French Bulldog looks tough on the exterior, these creatures are, by far, one of the most affectionate and playful breeds out there and make for wonderful family dogs. Due to the fact they rarely bark without reason, additionally they make excellent watchdogs!

As one of the most common breeds within the U.S., this small dog is especially susceptible to theft due to its size, popularity, and resale value. They're also extremely playful and friendly, traits that increase the odds of their falling in to the hands of a seemingly innocuous stranger.

Since many owners of this breed tend to be social with their pet, it is important to pay close attention to their whereabouts and them leased, when possible. It only takes seconds for these smaller pups to be whisked away unnoticed.

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#4 Boston Terrier

As the very first official breed created in the United States, the Boston Terrier may be the pride and joy of american citizens! They’re even nicknamed the “American Gentleman” due to their unique tuxedo markings. Having originated from Massachusetts, the term 'Boston’ comes as no coincidence either! In fact, the Boston Terrier has held its title because the state’s official breed since 1979! With a great capacity to retain information as well as an eager-to-please attitude, this breed became one of the largest breeds nationwide!

Like its French Bulldog relative, the Boston Terrier has a playful nature and high resale value that makes it appealing to thieves. While their abduction is recognized as grand theft in most states and prosecuted like a felony, the deterrent effect is lessened due to the impossibility of apprehending thieves. As with most pets, the very best loss avoidance is achieved through strong supervision, microchipping, and registration.

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#3 Maltese

As one of the oldest-known breeds, the Maltese is said to be 2800 years of age. Over the course of time, these adorable pups have happily sat around the laps of significant historical figures from the Classical Era. Kings and Queens would cherish this breed, feeding them from gold dishes and glorifying them in paintings and tombs. Fearless, trusting, and devoted, this breed has shown itself an excellent life companion for each type household.

As the least common breeds on our listing of most stolen, the Maltese shares most of the same qualities in the small size, desirability, and value, often selling for approximately $2500. They're treasured as neat and gentle companion dogs with long lifespans of up to 16 years. Stories of these pups being abducted from yards and pet stores litter the web, so owners must depend on good sense awareness to assist ensure they do not fall under the wrong hands.

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#2 Pomeranian

The Pomeranian has been a prevalent and resilient breed around the world for hundreds of years. Their small, adorable faces and beautiful coats have inspired classical artists and have even witnessed the Sistine Chapel being painted (Michelangelo had his sit in)! However, before being bred into the smaller breed they're today, these mighty canines weighed as much as 20 to 30 pounds and were utilised to pull sleds and herd reindeer.

Today, these lap dogs come with an incredible sense of hearing, which will make them perfect auditory aids, in addition to a love for human interaction, which make them the perfect family pets.

One of the smallest breeds on our list, the Pomeranian is highly treasured for its small size, portability, and desire to please. Unfortunately, their compact stature allows thieves to abduct this pricey breed, which often sells for over $1000. It was reported that Paris Hilton shelled out $13,000 for starters of those! Careful oversight of breeding limits the number of these pups available, to cause their higher price; however, we recommend only visiting reputable, certified breeders to guarantee the pet's origins.

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#1 Yorkshire Terrier

With being so small , innocent-looking, it may be a surprise that the Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred to become an exterminator in the 17th century. Used to hunt rats and badgers, this breed comes with an excellent feeling of hearing and smell.

Recognized for its unique colors and large personality, this breed become nothing less of royalty within the Victorian times and often had lavished hairstyles and robes. Known for its surprising boldness and owner allegiance, the Yorkie has proven to stay a high selection of breed today.

As the sixth most popular breed in the U.S., Yorkies are prized for their small size, energetic personality, and portability. While cost varies by size and gender, these pups will run you between $1000-3000 from the reputable breeder.

Owners of Yorkies are extremely dedicated and attached, as well as their abduction can be challenging to recover from. However, with careful supervision, microchipping, and registration, chances of loss could be markedly reduced.

While your dog might be safe in your own home, there are lots of still trying to find their perfect fit.
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