How to Access Haven Life Plus Services


As a Haven Life customer, you have probably heard about Haven Life Plus – a rider to the Haven Term policy that gives you access to some pretty awesome no cost benefits.

Don't require a particular service at this time? No problem. Redeem anytime you like, as your promo code can be used for each one of the services.

Though Haven Life Plus services can help make your life less hard, they only work if you sign up and use them. Here's a step-by-step help guide to redeem those services. Let's get started.

1. Go to your account center

Haven Life Plus is available to Haven Term policyholders (with the exception of Ny, Florida, South Dakota, Washington and North Dakota), you’ll watch a Haven Life Plus icon presents itself your bank account Center. It type of appears like the Haven Life logo. Having a plus sign. (See what we did there?)

If you just purchased a policy and don’t begin to see the Haven Life Plus link yet, hold tight. The hyperlink is going to be available following the 10-day free look period.

2. Click on the “Presenting Haven Life Plus” link

Clicking that link will give you for your private Haven Life Plus page. On the page, you’ll find out more about the superb services provided by our partners:

  • A no-cost annual subscription towards the award-winning fitness app Aaptiv
  • 15% discount on any family health service with MinuteClinic(R)
  • A no-cost subscription for you and as much as five members of the family to online vault LifeSite
  • A year of unlimited jet lag management plans free of charge from TimeShifter(R)
  • An individual or joint will and a year of unlimited updates at no cost from Trust & Will

In total, these types of services can save you a lot more than $300 each year. Not to mention the peace of mind that accompany using a will or living a healthier life having a better workout.

3. Pick the services you want and click the “Redeem” button

You’ll call at your personal promo code at the top of the Plus page, so that you can make the most of any or all the services offered.

The promo code will automatically follow you when you click through our website to each from the services you want to redeem.

4. Download the Plus services you want

Once you enter your promo code in to the sign-up page of the service (or services) you're considering, follow the prompts to redeem.

Then, you can enjoy the benefits of Haven Life Plus, whether it is use of LifeSite’s secure digital vault or a personalized plan to reduce jet lag in your next big trip or a will that will protect your loved ones.

5. Have questions?

For questions about the Haven Life Plus services or how you can redeem them, please contact us at 1-855-744-2836 or live talk to us or email us at Need to know additional information about a particular service, you are able to reach our partners’ things to look for teams.

Haven Life Plus aims to be simple and rewarding for customers. We hope you find redeeming the Plus services is simple and rewarding too.