What would you give up to keep driving? Young motorists instructed to reduce clothes, festivals and dating to pay for lb3,000 a year motoring bill


MORE than half of young drivers admit they're having to cancel social plans to pay for their cars.

A study into the cost of motoring by Admiral revealed motorists under 25 are experiencing to shell out lb3,435 annually to remain driving.

And it's causing a lot more than two-thirds (69 percent) to shelve plans for a shopping spree or party in a music festival (60 per cent).

The search for love is also on pause with six from 10 young drivers cancelling romantic dates as they simply can't afford nights out.

Nearly 1 / 2 of under 25s are experiencing to abandon holiday plans and smartphone upgrades, too, because of the price of managing a motor.

While thousands are ditching luxuries, just one in 10 said they'd stop saving for any house deposit simply to keep driving.

The soaring costs of getting driving have led many to rely on their parents' cars to obtain around.

Admiral said 58,000 under 25s were now insured as temporary drivers on its motor policies – many throughout the summertime when they'd returned from university.

Head of car access at Admiral, Jean-Baptiste Limare, said: “Young drivers are extremely going to remain on the street they are prepared to sacrifice fashion, fun and festivals in order to keep up with the expense.

“Whilst we can not escape the truth that motoring costs are high for young drivers, it does not have to be the summer of sacrifice.

“There are less drastic measures the under 25s may take to keep the price of motoring down.

“Research is 'key' from the moment you purchase the first car right through to when you choose insurance companies and your policy.

“This can help you save hundreds of pounds that could go towards date nights or perhaps a music festival with your friends.”