Does your vehicle insurance policy falling trees and storm damage inflicted by Storm Eleanor? Here's how you could be left out of pocket


WITH Storm Eleanor tearing across the country, countless Brits' cars are in risk of damage – and lots of may not be included in their insurance.

Many policies won't cover falling trees, debris and storm damage which have been left within the wake of the raging weather – causing you to be to pick up the bill.

So is the car covered should you run into trouble throughout the storm?

According towards the Association of British Insurers (ABI), only motorists with fully comprehensive policies will be able to claim the cost of storm damage.

This means countless motorists with Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance won't be covered if their car suffers Eleanor's wrath and will have to pay for repairs out of their own pocket.

This cover only includes damage to other vehicles or the result of a fire or theft, weather damage to your car will not be contained in the policy.

For those who do hold an extensive policy, you should be covered for that full price of damage to your vehicle – minus your previously agreed excess fee.

Unfortunately, because insurers classify this kind of claim within the "at-fault" category, claiming for storm damage could see your premiums increase or invalidate your no claims bonus.

This also means that lower levels of cover won't be useful for storm claims.

Malcolm Tarling, in the ABI, said: "Motorists with comprehensive motor insurance policies can claim for any damage brought on by rainwater, such as Storm Eleanor.

"Third party fire and theft doesn't cover harm to the automobile, unless damaged by fire.

"Our recommendation is simple – a person with comprehensive car insurance policy whose vehicle is broken by bad weather, such as fallen trees, should contact their motor insurer as soon as possible."