The price of insuring your car is set hitting an archive average of lb900 after the year- here's how to cut your costs now


BRITISH drivers will pay record-breaking insurance prices of more than lb900 after the entire year, a new study finds.

Data from insurance comparison site, revealed that premiums were on course to eclipse the previous high of lb858 set in 2011, with the last two years seeing a 23 percent price rise.

Motorists already are shelling out a typical amount of lb827 for canopy. Further increases in the pipeline could push the average comprehensive policy over lb900 the very first time by the end of 2021.

And some drivers are facing more costly auto insurance costs than the others.

Men are paying lb878 typically for their car insurance – that's lb114 a lot more than female motorists regardless of the EU gender directive, which prohibits insurers from assessing a driver's risk based on their gender.

While younger drivers are utilized to paying through the nose for their car insurance, motorists aged over Six decades are seeing the best increases in the cost of premiums.

Still, drivers within their sixties are largely the ones make payment on least – under lb600 typically.

In some parts from the UK, prices have previously reached four figures.
Drivers in Inner London are facing the most expensive premiums of any place in the country, having already surpassed the lb900 mark to pay lb1,283 on average.

Motorists in Manchester & Merseyside, Outer London, the West Midlands and Northern Ireland will also be all paying over lb1,000.

The biggest increases this past year were in Scotland, where premiums rose by 17 percent in the border region, by 13 percent in the north and east, by 11 percent within the Highlands and Islands.

The boss at, Louise O'Shea, CEO said: "January is definitely a difficult month after the more than Christmas and that is true for drivers' wallets too.

"The good thing is that insurers are in possession of to exhibit us what we should taken care of auto insurance this past year. Therefore, it's never been easier for drivers to check on what they paid then and compare it to what they're asking you to pay now."

DRIVERS' E-FAIL Admiral hikes insurance costs for drivers using Hotmail email addresses

This comes as a ceasefire in the supermarket petrol price war has increased motorist's fuel costs.

It has resulted in pump prices hitting a three-year high at 121.7p per litre, based on the AA.

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