Angry motorists find new types of insurer Admiral charging 'foreign' drivers more


FURIOUS motorists have discovered more examples of insurer Admiral allegedly charging drivers with “foreign” names more.

We told on Monday the firm seems to give customers called Mohammed higher quotes for virtually identical motor policies.

Now dozens have conducted their own online price comparison tests, with shocking results.

Anna Holt, 20, of Reading, and a pal compared prices for that names John Smith and Mohammad Assad, using Gmail for because email domains can affect the price. She tweeted: “There was a lb200 difference.”

Paul Lomax, based in london, did a similar test, again utilizing the same email domains, and said: “Identical details, houses nearby. 'Samir Khan' got quoted lb1,194. 'Paul Johnson' got quoted lb962.”

And Wing Haong, 25, also of London, said she learned that her Chinese name inflated her quote by lb473.76. She told us: “There's certainly a scandal here.” Admiral insisted any differences apparently based on names derive from other factors, for instance different email domain names.

A spokesman said: “We don't rather than used a customer's name or other piece of information to rate on race.”

He added: “We take these allegations very seriously and we are consulting our lawyers.”