Direct Line reveals new car insurance policy which means you won't lose your no claims discount if damage isn't your fault


FEW situations are more frustrating for any driver than losing your no claims discount because another person has damaged your vehicle.

But a new insurance policy now implies that drivers can continue to make an claim without losing their benefit – as long as the incident isn't their fault.

Car insurance carrier Direct Line recently announced changes to their standard comprehensive insurance policies that will permit drivers to create a claim but still keep their NCD.

From damage brought on by potholes and wild animals towards the car being stolen or flooded, drivers will be more covered to create a claim if the damage isn't their fault.

Motorists can make claims to cover damage incurred while their car is parked, or because of being hit by an item or debris – although not including another car.

When making a claim, you still need to pay any excess included in your policy, but you'll keep the NCD and your next premium won't be affected.

Rob Miles, Director of motor insurance at Direct Line, said: “We understood the frustration when our customers had to make a claim when it's no fault that belongs to them and there was not a 3rd party to assert against.

"Then to include further for their annoyance and sense of injustice, they'd lose any part of their No Claims Discount.

"However, with these changes to the comprehensive car insurance policy policy, this may not happen anymore, and while we can't prevent these incidents occurring, we are able to lead the way in which for making insurance easier and value for customers."