Low-budget tips for beautifying your house


We're all spending more time at home lately and it is making just about everybody reevaluate their house decor. Since larger renovations can easily become costly and complicated (did you know, for instance, that you should keep your insurance company in the loop during renovations?), we asked some interior planning experts to tell us regarding their favourite low-budget home improvements. Listed here are their tips:

Sarah Broderick – Owner & Principal, High-street Design

“When it comes to budget-friendly home improvements, paint is your best friend. White may be the new grey for interiors. A crisp white like Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore instantly freshens and brightens your walls making your home feel more spacious. Black accents on trim, doors, ceilings, windows, furniture and cabinetry are all trendy at the moment. Make sure to do your research in terms of what can and should not be painted, as well as what paint to make use of and the way to prep the surface properly to prevent peeling, cracking and wear down the road.

We're big fans of colour at High Street but we like to use it in unique, strategic ways. Instead of the usual accent or feature wall, consider painting your ceiling or architectural details, such as the within archways, to include pops of colour throughout your home. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is another great, inexpensive method to add texture, pattern and colour in small doses. Consider using it on the back of stair risers, sliding closet doors or ceilings for something bold and unexpected.

Last although not least, small upgrades go a long way in your house. Consider updating your door hardware, bathroom towel racks and accessories, faucets, kitchen hardware or lighting for a big impact. You will find loads of low-cost options in popular finishes like matte black and brass that quickly update and add visual impact to your home.”

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Korina Khamis – Interior Designer, Hibou Design & Co.

“We've all experienced an itch to alter something at home during confinement. Changing one key element like your rug or window coverings may give you a good enough change. If you need to take it one notch further, maybe a fresh coat of paint is what you need. Think about what you dislike most and start there. A quick and easy method to refresh your decor without breaking the bank is to reassess all your soft finishes (wall colouring, fabrics, carpets, cushions or curtains) and accessories.

Pro Tip: Start by clearing all surfaces. We sometimes get accustomed to seeing our homes one of the ways, that it's difficult to imagine them any other way. Starting and beginning with an empty canvas is a straightforward way to help ease that transition. Once all surfaces are cleared, only keep the items which you still really like but attempt to mix it up and discover a new home on their behalf. This is where you can begin incorporating new accessories to create your decor more current and fresh.”

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Susan Abramson – Principal Designer, Toronto Designers

“You need to think creatively with what you have to start with. Sometimes all it takes is removing everything from the area and putting it in another place. The bonus? Purging happens too! Along with a little bit of purging goes a long way along with that new layout.

If you need to then add fun pieces to make it feel new, i quickly suggest trying second hand stores, which are now open again. Just move quickly if you see something you like since the good stuff goes fast. I really like vintage as it provides a space character, not to mention that it's eco-friendly. Several things you could try to look for might be colour themed. For example, in case your favourite colour is blue, look for blue glassware that you could put in a window so your room glows blue. A little blue rug can go quite a distance in changing the feel of an area. And perhaps you can start a little collection of blue-spine books, simply to give your bookshelves some colour coordination.

If new is your thing, inexpensive and fun what to search for may be tea light holders, a brand new desk blotter, a little plant and planter, and the best: trays and pretty baskets to coral odds and ends. Try affordable and classy stores like Structube, Ikea and residential Sense.

Lastly, I want to stress how important lighting is. Changing that up can completely make your space feel new again. Here' like to suggest new CSA items, and to consider three different sources of light for every room. Getting that little glow light you've always admired, or the salt lamp that gives a beautiful glow will be the simplest of updates! Just hook it up and revel in.”

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Negar Reihani – Founder & Principal Designer, Space Harmony

“One of the simplest ways to create an impact inside a space is applying wallpaper. You can turn an ordinary room into a fun and galvanizing one simply by addressing the walls. The splash of paint can't ever provide the same wow component that wallpaper does, and with the number of styles and products available online, you can literally find anything that matches your style. I always encourage my clients to step a little further from their safe place as it is always more rewarding that way.”

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Josie Abate – Founder & Principal Designer, Ambience

“There are lots of ways to create storage, organization, and character in your home, without breaking the bank. Clutter can make stress in the home and you may not even realize how draining clutter could be for the life and energy. To keep chaos from accumulating in your home, set up some pretty baskets in the entryway of your house to gather spam along with other items before they have a opportunity to clutter up other areas around your house. If your closets are overflowing, get rid of or donate any things you haven't worn each year, and add an extra rod inside your closets.

Lighting is a vital facet of a house, especially if you're on video calls when working from home. Natural light is always best, however, LED lighting might help where natural lighting is not possible. Plants is yet another beautiful and cheap method to enhance the look of your house. Adding plants in any room can boost the space while increasing the air quality too. A different way to beautify your home and boost the health of it is to select or create artwork that includes a natural landscape, with a similar calming effect as searching your window at nature. These simple changes to your home can definitely breathe new life in it.”

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