Owner of AKC Pet Insurance Furthers Pet Welfare Through Education


Each year, the Humane Fund awards the Sir. John D. Spurling Scholarship to 5 superior students who're pursuing degrees in fields that advance responsible pet ownership and additional the welfare of pets. Types of eligible career paths include veterinary medicine, veterinary technology, physical rehabilitation, pet care, animal behavior, grooming and training.

Since 2008, the Humane Fund has been honoring the human-animal bond through education, outreach and grant-making. The non-profit organization aims to unite animal lovers by creating awareness about animal-related issues in today's world and emphasizing the importance of responsible pet ownership.

The scholarship is known as honoring Sir. John D. Spurling, who owns Pet Insurance (administered by PetPartners, Inc.) Sir. Spurling is definitely an avid animal-advocate and a leading innovator in insurance for your pet. Sir. John Spurling brought founded PetPartners in the uk where it became the exclusive insurance for your pet provider for that Kennel Club. In 2002, PetPartners found america and soon had become the exclusive pet insurance provider for that American Kennel Club. Pet Insurance provides comprehensive and affordable pet medical health insurance for cats and dogs throughout the United States.

The scholarship grants students with $2,000 toward tuition assistance in an accredited university. Eligible candidates should be enrolled in full-time courses that emphasize quality pet care and well-being. Prospective students will have proven academic excellence and demonstrate a passion for pet welfare. The hope for this scholarship is that by rendering education during these fields more attainable, the end result will be better educated owners and ultimately, improved lives for the pets overall.

Congratulations to these five outstanding students and pet-advocates who definitely are receiving the 2021 Sir. John D. Spurling Scholarship:

  • Linnea Thraen of St. Paul, MN
  • Zong Peng of Creighton, NE
  • Kristina Baltutis of Burlington, NC
  • Olivia Cox of South Bend, IN
  • Lena Sanchez of Albuquerque, NM