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There are some foods that people can eat which are also great for dogs, but how about foods dogs can’t eat? There are lots of foods that people don’t give a second thought at eating and think it will likely be suitable for dogs to eat also but that’s really simply not the situation with […]

Probiotics have some of health advantages in humans they also have similar health advantages in dogs and other animals. If your pet has digestive issues or you simply want the best for the dog, giving them probiotics might be a real boost to their health. So what are the best probiotics for dogs? Continue reading […]

While everyone may have a favorite breed of dog, a few of these breeds may come with different health issues that you need to search for. These are some of the most common dog breads with the most health problems. 1) Beagles Beagles are extremely popular small-scale dogs who are fun loving and energetic. These […]