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December 14, 2021

Protect your house from Halloween pranks

Ah, Halloween. The only real day it's appropriate for regular people to dress up like clowns, zombies, or superheroes. Well, except for Comic Con. Even though law enforcement personnel are extra vigilant in that night, there are bound to be both kids and adults who feel the need to pull Halloween pranks. Some are harmless, […]

December 9, 2021

A glance at all of the ways legal marijuana is going to shake up Canada's insurance industry

Like it or otherwise, legal cannabis is due Canada. If the federal government's newly introduced bills are approved, the changes could be rolled out as early as July 2021. The legalized substance means major changes for that insurance industry – impacting everything from auto to health and travel. We did a little digging and spoke […]

December 5, 2021

Will Adding a swimming pool or Pond Improve your Home Value?

Even though we Canadians possess a woefully short season by which outdoor water isn't frozen, that doesn't stop us from spending on pools, ponds, and waterfront properties. If anything – and I think everyone who's enjoying the spring weather as much as I'm will agree – our shortened season makes us treasure our open-water activities […]

December 4, 2021

Most Canadians aren't researching their options before buying financial products

The majority of Canadians head online to compare whenever they're planning a flight overseas, or looking to book a hotel for the night. It saves them both money and time – you don't need to call around and ask for prices, they're all there for you personally online. But with regards to lending options, our […]

November 28, 2021

Auto insurance or home insurance: who covers the theft of things from your car?

Earlier this season, a couple entered my boyfriend's car and stole everything inside. The theft took place in the driveway of my suburban home, where we have security cameras installed. But having all this info on hand does not mean any of the stolen items will be recovered. Unfortunately, theft happens. Often. Property theft violations […]