New Kitten Checklist


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Opening your heart and residential to a different kitten is such a joyful time. Adopting a brand new family member isn't any small venture by itself, so taking the steps to ensure that they're happy and healthy is the greatest type of investment.

For many first time kitten parents, it can feel formidable to start gathering supplies. You will find five basics that will set any pet parent up for achievement. 

Scratching Post

Your new cat is going to have lots of energy and also to avoid any problem with your furniture, you will want a scratching post. A scratching post has many advantages beyond saying your couch, so it's an important part of keeping your new pet healthy.

Litter Box

It's gotta go somewhere as well as for many new cat owners, this is the most important decision they’ll make. Clay or pine, hooded or self-cleaning, the options depend so much in your home and cat.

Don't be afraid of learning from mistakes here, but generally, young kittens shouldn't be around clumping due to their mischievous nature. It's safer to begin with non-clumping and transition as time passes. 

Water Bowl

Hydration is a the most important elements to keeping a cat healthy. This means through an easily accessible water bowl and also to keep fresh water in the dish.

Kitten Food

When choosing your kitten's food, keep close track of what stage of life the food is meant for. Wet cat food will support their hydration and dry food could keep their teeth cleaner.

The rescue you are adopting from offer a recommendation to begin with based off what they have been eating. To go easier on their stomach, slowly transition to a different food instead of making a rapid transition.

I.D. Tag

A collar and tag are of help if your cat does get out, but it is possible they might slip out of outward identification. Make sure your cat is microchipped and it is registered to allow them to be returned to you when they wander off. 

Bonus Tips

Before bringing your kitten home, make sure your house is kitten-proof. That means securing windows, moving toxic house plants, and hiding electrical cords.

Their new surrounding may be overwhelming, so take the time to create a space for them to be comfy. This might include a cat bed, cat toys, and a cat tree after some catnip to entice them.

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