8 Surprising Ways to Keep Your Pet Hydrated


A dazzling wellness routine always starts one place- water. Staying hydrated has incredible benefits that impact everything from levels of energy to weight loss.

As we enter summertime, gorgeous weather and outdoor activities allow it to be that much more hard to stay hydrated- specifically for our pets. Let’s face it, a water dish just isn’t as exciting as a treat or toy.

We’ve compiled a summary of some fun alternatives to keep our pets slurping their method to wellness.

1. Electrolyte water

Every athlete knows how helpful electrolytes will be to staying hydrated, but our pets possess a different constitute and also the quantity of sugar and sodium in the typical sports drink isn’t the very best for his or her health.

This engineered recipe from cuteness is a straightforward way to optimize your pets water:

Just mix:

  • 1 quart of purified water
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of salt

Just dissolve in to the water and serve!

2. Banana-berry frosties (dogs)

Mashed banana and some chopped up berries (avoiding toxic fruits). Freeze overnight in an ice cube tray and enjoy.

3. Peanut butter chilly time (dogs)

Put peanut butter within your dog’s favorite puzzle toy and pop it in the freezer.
In the morning, your pet will have a challenging treat to ensure that they're cool as well as occupied.

4. Veg-sicle

Chilled or frozen carrots or broccoli or banana make for an inexpensive and easy way to beat the heat. This can be a great option for dogs who need to watch how much they weigh.

5. Pate-pops (cat)

Cool kitties will love small, frozen patties of their favorite wet food (smooth is best). Sprinkle catnip on the top as an extra treat to get your cat engaged.

6. Tuna-tastic treat (cat)

Freeze the fresh spring water (not brine or oil) from the tin of tuna. Pop it inside a shallow bowl of water and watch your cat cool down having fun with the frozen fishy cubes. For added entertainment, use an ice cube tray that makes fish shapes!

7. Ice 'n’ easy

Fill a bowl with water and allow it to freeze overnight. Put it beside your pet’s regular water bowl and as the ice melts, they’ll possess a second bowl of cool water throughout the day.

8. Electrolytes and Minerals

The health advantages of bone broth happen to be lauded, so this treat has added benefits for the pets. Joint, immune, and gut health get this to simple recipe something you’ll take repeatedly.

Bone Broth & Coconut Water

Mix equal parts bone broth and coconut water.
Pour liquid into popsicle molds or ice cube trays.
Place in freezer until frozen solid.
Serve and enjoy.

The best benefit of these treats is how much your dog will enjoy them! Keeping our furry members of the family happy and healthy for many years and turning a summer stresser into a fun activity.

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