Pet Memorials to help keep for a lifetime


Our pets are good family and friends. When one of your dogs crosses within the Rainbow Bridge, a bit of your heart goes with him. Though you want our dogs could live forever, their legacy can via a pet memorial. Here are a few methods to remember your beloved pets with honor and dignity.

With Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day on August 28th, we set today aside to keep in mind our lost companions. Here are a few methods to honor the one you love pets with dignity and love.

Pet Memorial Stones

When your dog is facing his last days, the vet offer to make an imprint of the dog’s paw or nose in stone or plaster like a keepsake. If it's not an option offered upfront, you should consider asking if they will honor this request. This heartfelt token can be placed in his favorite spot in the yard, around the family area mantle, or perhaps converted into a pendant for smaller kinds of dog.

Personalized Burial Monument

If you decide to bury your dog on your property, marking his final resting place having a headstone is a traditional, respectful way to say goodbye. Purchasing an engraved headstone or adorning your personal packet or stone having a loving message will make a perfect monument to remind you daily of the closest friend.

Pet Urns

Cremation is a well-liked option for grieving owners without available land for burial. A number of urns implies that you can pick the size, shape, and appear of the dog’s resting place. Memento photo boxes are a great way to show your dog’s pictures while holding his ashes discreetly.

Saving your pet’s ashes doesn’t necessarily need to mean an ornamental vase over the fireplace. Seeing a special spot to place your friend to relax is a way to ensure your dog’s memory is definitely along with you. Whether it is a favorite trail in the forest or by the sea, wherever your dog enjoyed his years by your side will be a good way to commemorate him.

Artistic Tributes

Customized portraits really are a creative way to display your love for your lost friend. Having a number of styles available on community websites like Etsy, you are sure to find a design that honors your dog’s unique personality.

Statues and plaques also alllow for an aesthetically appealing memorial. Engrave a plaque with your favorite poem or buy a statue of your dog’s breed to remember of the pet. You can also incorporate personal touches, for example framing your dog’s collar or favorite toy together with his memorial, to help make the gesture more sincere.

While we can never replace your dog, Pet Insurance does attempt to ease some of the pain by providing coverage for Final Respects. The very last thing you need to worry about within this trying time is the financial ability you need to give your pet the departure he deserves.

"Despite the fact that we knew this time around would come,

When you would have to part,

You’ll never be forgotten.

You’ve left paw prints on our hearts.”