5 Ways Insurance for your pet is preferable to Your Health Insurance


These days, healthcare is actually media fodder. With the good and the bad, the inconsistencies and stresses, it’s easy to understand why the onion can make fun of the healthcare system, however it doesn’t have to be this way for your pet insurance. Actually, pet insurance is more about alleviating stress than adding to it. And because insurance for your pet is a somewhat newer idea, I needed to explore the ways it’s actually much better than human healthcare.

Any and all vets.

The vet that wakes up at 1am to check on your dog once they chose to eat a wine cork, and needed emergency surgery…you can still visit that vet. Actually, you can go to ANY licensed vet in america and Canada! Insurance for your pet is about peace of mind so when your dog enters something bad or has an unsuccessful confrontation with some bees, you don’t have to worry about finding the one vet that accepts insurance. You worry about your pet first, providing them with the therapy they need, wherever you are.

You’re in control.

Insurance for the pet isn’t the mystical mystery medical health insurance could be since you are in control. You head to the vet for a routine appointment and it’s anything, you might not even have to submit to your pet insurance; no obligatory oversight. But, for your appointment that ends up larger than you thought and causes some pain to your wallet, submit to your dog insurance provider, like Insurance for your pet, and get reimbursed. On that note…

Get reimbursed! 

Pet Insurance has plans that reimburse up to 90%! I’m not sure in regards to you, but this is preferable to most people’s medical health insurance, and could be invaluable whenever your pet has unforeseen health problems.

Travel together with your pet.

If you're at all like me, when you travel, you retain your wellbeing insurance card close. Heaven forbid you end up inside a quick care clinic in the center of the night when all you wanted to do was be at a bonfire on the beach…and with your pets, it’s the same. Having pet insurance means you can get quick care contrary should happen to your canine friend, even if you are miles from your vet. To the first point, any licensed vet in america and Canada can take care of your pet and is still in your insurance coverage.

180 days to file for.

That’s right, Six months! Pet Insurance gives you 6 months to file your claim. Pet insurers differ so check with yours but, when you’re coping with the strain every day life, sometimes things obstruct, and it’s nice to understand your pet insurance company provides you with the time needed to get everything together and submit the documentation on YOUR schedule. Insurance for your pet can be obtained to alleviate your stress levels, not add to it.

Maybe you hadn’t thought about pet insurance before but getting a new furry friend might have its unbudgeted expenses so consider having someone in your corner to help with those expenses.