The way a Haven Life customer uses life insurance coverage to produce a legacy


The story you are going to read is associated with one of our customers. It's told in her own words, with her permission as well as in a way only she could tell it. Whether it inspires you to think about your personal insurance coverage? Great. Whether it inspires you to do something – anything, essential for those you love most? Better still.

Not most people are as prepared or as generous as Jamie Sue Marshall. She's been a financial dynamo.

Her senior year of college, Jamie Sue flipped a house when she was taking 23 hours of coursework at the University of Arkansas while simultaneously interning at Tysons' Foods.

“I raised a beef steer each summer and sold them, so that’s how I had the money to buy the home,” Jamie Sue says. “I watched Fixer Upper and all sorts of that, and thought, 'Oh, a lot fun,' right? No, I am talking about, there are so many unexpected expenses and things happening, especially me purchasing a 1950s home in the original owner that had not touched anything.”

The effort didn't stop her. Jamie Sue gutted the home over time to maneuver in after college. In October, she chose to move home to become nearer to her family and join the family business.

Jamie Sue's family runs a farm and produce company in upstate New York where she is a dispatcher because of its refrigeration trucks.

“It’s a 12th generation farm, and we’re working together in the business, we’ve probably got 30 members of the family,” Jamie Sue says. “My dad runs the refrigerated freight. My mother is really a grower of all the produce. My uncle has seven children, and today they’ve all got kids, so it’s pretty crazy around here.”

Jamie Sue, 23, enjoys working with her family and living in the little capital of scotland- Elba (Pop: 2,370) where she grew up and led her high school basketball team to some state championship. “I refer to it as 'Smellba,' though, because we’re the onion capital of the world, therefore we also have a couple of cows, so it’s a little stinky here,” she says.

Some people would be frustrated working with family, but it is a resource of pride for Jamie Sue.

“When you've your relationship with your father, he’s just your father, the thing is him as he comes back home and how he’s working, but you don’t reach actually work alongside him,” she says. “So the highlight of my week is seeing him with his employees and how he's an entrepreneur and not only a father. I also enjoy getting to work with my cousins, just being throughout my family and the people I worry about.”

Preparing for that worst

The need for being surrounded by the ones you like became clearer to Jamie Sue in 2021 when her large, close-knit family a break down sudden loss.

Her young cousin, only 3 decades old, was identified as having stage 4 gastric cancer while she was 6 1/2 months pregnant. 2 days following the diagnosis her cousin had to give birth to her baby at Golisano Children's Hospital in Rochester, NY. Too early after, her cousin passed away as cancer spread throughout her body leaving behind her little girl, 2-year-old son and husband. “It was so life-changing for me. It encouraged me to make time for the small such things as volunteering to coach in our town's youth basketball program.”

After the tragedy, Jamie Sue wanted a sizable life insurance policy with a long term length to financially guard against regardless of the future may hold. “We looked for reliable choices to protect one another in case another life-changing incident like that happened later on,” she says. “It was this kind of overwhelming and confusing time. My family solved the problem piece it all up.”

My parents, my sisters and I were just researching different choices and we saw Haven Life featured in The Wall Street Journal.

Jamie Sue's look for life insurance eventually led her to Haven Life.

“My parents, my sisters and I were just researching different choices and we saw Haven Life featured in The Wall Street Journal,” she says. “When I had been applying for a policy, we asked them some quick questions, customer service quickly responded to those questions, and that i was instantly approved, making it an ideal fit.”

Just starting her career, Jamie Sue, 21 at the time, purchased a 30-year, $1 million Haven Term policy.

Looking to the future

People ask Jamie Sue, “You’re young, why can you need life insurance?” She's not indebted and she or he hasn't started her own family yet. She tells them when the unexpected would happen, she wants the life span insurance payout to “go back to my community.”

What does which means that? Well, after the death of her cousin, the town alumni association put together an alumni the game of basketball, where half the proceeds visited Golisano Children's Hospital NICU in memory of Jamie Sue's cousin.

“Now the whole youth basketball program wears 'Torrey Strong' jerseys which were produced in her memory,” says Jamie Sue, who has absorbed coaching your fifth grade girls squad.

Ask Jamie Sue what she would like done with her life insurance payout if something unexpected were to happen to her. “I'd like something like that completed in my name because it's a really sweet way to leave a legacy,” Jamie Sue says. She remembers her cousin, rallies her girls with “Torrey Strong” jerseys on the court and sees how a small community with deep roots could make this type of meaningful impact.