How's a Life Insurance Agency Different From a Company?


Have you ever asked yourself what exactly is an existence insurance company and just what makes it different from an existence insurance provider? All the time, right?

Simply put, an existence insurance agency is like a store. The agency sells the policy. The agency offers the service. The company provides its policyholders and customers with life insurance agents who are able to assist when you have questions about coverage options, need help, or want to discuss your policy or coverage.

A life insurance clients are what makes the product-the insurance policy-that you buy within the store. Another term would be the insurer. Brass tacks, the insurance company is where your hard earned money goes whenever you buy the policy or insurance products, where your hard earned money will come from the time the policy pays out for any death benefit. Your life insurance plan is written with that company's paper (and that's why it certainly is important to familiarize yourself with the third-party ratings of any insurer you are thinking about trying to get a policy with).

Now, some agencies (sometimes called brokerages) work with multiple companies, much like how a boutique or mall might carry clothes from a range of brands. But other agencies are considered captive agencies, which means they exclusively use one insurance provider.

For example, Haven Life is a captive agency, as it is backed and wholly owned by MassMutual. This really is different from another startups in the world of online life insurance coverage, and it's an essential distinction. Haven Life is owned by MassMutual while offering the Haven Term policy, which is from MassMutual – an insurance company that's over the age of the Internet (or anyone alive, for that matter). MassMutual has over 160 years of experience, an A++ rating from the.M. Best, along with a long good reputation for financial strength and insurance coverage from insurance professionals. One way to think of it: Haven Life has your back and MassMutual has theirs. Also, since they're smaller, agencies are often able to work with companies to assist create innovation in the life insurance buying experience for their client. We're taking a look at you, Haven Life Plus-

An online agency like Haven Life can give you the very best of both worlds. A self-directed option where you can apply anywhere, anytime and from any device? Check. The dependability that comes from purchasing a MassMutual policy? Check. Choosing the best mix of agency and company can help you get coverage in an easy, confident and reliable manner.

So that explains that. Now, if perhaps someone would explain for once as well as for all whether a warm dog is recognized as a sandwich-