Brits make lb17MILLION car damage claims in only FOUR days because of Beast in the East and Storm Emma


BRITS have filed insurance claims more vital than lb17million in just FOUR days as snow storms wreak havoc nationwide.

Crash damage claims have doubled compared to a regular week as drivers battle Storm Emma and the Beast from the East.

Frosty weather has resulted in 13,100 collisions since Monday totalling an astonishing lb17million in damages, based on the AA.

And the amount of claims made by Thursday this week was double what insurers would usually expect during the last week of February.

The most typical claim was for drivers skidding out and hitting objects like barriers, kerbs, road signs and bus shelters – and one motorist even ended up sliding into a row of retailers.

While the majority of incidents related to the snow caused relatively minor damage, as much as 21 per cent of claims saw the vehicle involved unable to drive from the scene.

And it's not only collisions which are causing trouble for British drivers.

Breakdown numbers on Wednesday were 80 per cent higher that normal, with the RAC called to around 9,700 incidents across the country.

SNOW MUST GO ON How to drive safely in snow and ice – driving advice for battling the Beast in the East

Motorists battled against batteries and starter motors that refused to brave the cold and tick over, while the number of instances of diesel filters being clogged by extreme cold increased by 240 per cent.

According towards the RAC, they had already attended some 3,500 breakdowns before 11am on Thursday, leaving it in all probability that those figures will double prior to the weekend.

Michael Lloyd, the AA's director of insurance, said: “”Fortunately, most drivers do their best to drive towards the conditions so many of these crashes happen at relatively low-speed and thus thankfully, the amount of injuries isn't top the weather's main toll is broken pride and paintwork.

“It is obvious that drivers should take extra care when they must drive in the snowy conditions – but stay home if you're able to.

“Insurers will always meet claims for collisions in snowy and icy weather. The one case of where a claim won't be met is if a car is stolen and left unattended, warming up on the drive."