The average auto insurance claim hits record lb3,000 – despite offers to fix soaring costs


CAR insurance payouts have hit an archive lb3,106 thanks to bumper whiplash compensation claims.

It means honest and careful drivers face soaring annual premiums with quotes rising by nine percent.

Brits now face an eternity auto insurance bill of lb31,650 – that's four percent greater than in 2021 and it's only getting worse.

Insurers have blamed government reforms to non-public injury payouts made in February 2021 for the huge rise.

Ministers U-turned on the alterations in September however the delays in implementing new laws is costing Brits a packet.

It's also hit the NHS towards the tune of the extra lb1billion, according to insurers.

The lump sum a target receives in injury compensation is calculated using the "Ogden Rate" – also known as the discount rate.

This was slashed from 2.5 percent to -0.5 percent sending claim costs rocketing.

New proposals will settle the speed in between the 2 plus generate a three-yearly review of the rate to keep fees fair.

But nothing has happened yet and also the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said the reforms were needed right to not avoid unnecessary bills for drivers.

James Dalton, director of general insurance policy in the ABI, said: "It is time to end the uncertainty.

"Twelve months on in the Government launching an evaluation into what's widely accepted to become a broken system, motorists, claimants and insurers all need to know where they stand.

"The federal government must urgently bring forward relief for motorists by introducing a framework for reform to create a fairer compensation system for claimants, insurance customers and all sorts of taxpayers."