The advantages of Interactive Cat Toys


Make no mistake, your cat is a tiny killer. They are predators and no quantity of socialization or domestication will require that natural instinct from them.

In fact, feeding their hunting instinct is integral for their wellness. Indoor cats especially need mental stimulation and interactive cat toys are an easy way to meet that need.

Implementing interactive play to your cats life could keep their in good physical shape and can be used to redirect destructive behavior. There are a number of toys available on the market engineered to interact cats.

Catnip Toys

Catnip toys are a great way to coach a cat on which is really a toy and what is not. This scent guide will lure them to pounce designated items, so furniture along with other household items will be safe.


Every cat owner has felt the stress of the cat setting its sights on the furniture piece. Scratching is a vital and natural action, so keeping scratch pads and posts within an accessible place will make it clear to cats where their energy ought to be directed.

Teaser Toys

Feather toy teasers are an easy way to keep the cat fit and bond at the same time. Playtime is the perfect time to become familiar with your pet a little better and frequently post-playtime will be when cats are mostly cuddly. These wand toys come in a variety of designs and therefore are fairly inexpensive

While cats are recognized for being temperamental, giving them high-quality interactive toys is going to be hours of fun and satiate the most intellectual feline. What this means is less grumpy cats and more pretty kitty.