Grooming your dog At Home – Wash Those Paws!


All across the United States, businesses deemed non-essential are being closed towards the public – including dog groomers. Even though I'm able to comprehend the logic behind this, the greater time I spend at home with my dogs, the more essential I’m understanding grooming your dog to become. Because while a 60 pound Golden Retriever sure is cute to check out, his smell is less charming than ever before. (I still love you, Finn!)

While it’s vital to live in to become practicing good hygiene, for example washing our hands and grooming regularly, it’s just as essential for us to be properly grooming our pets too. In the end, a clean body is a sound body.

Here at CUDDLY, we understand that it’s a scary time, and that there are so many stuff that we can't control. But our hygiene and also the hygiene in our pets isn't one of them. And without a doubt, there are plenty of benefits to giving your pet a bath. Here’s what it can do.

– Provides your dog with physical stimulation.
– Cleans any unwanted dirt and bacteria off of your furry friend.
– Provides you with an outlet to destress and decompress
– Helps you save money on dog grooming expenses
– Supplies a good bonding knowledge about your pet.

Plus, your house and your loved ones will Thanks. This list continues. So, tie up hair and get ready to get your hands dirty. Unsure how to start? Here’s how I made it happen.

In an effort to obtain some sunshine while washing my pups, I brought them all into the backyard (with a few helpers) and took off their collars and tags. Then it was time to get the water running.
I sprayed them down first before applying any soapy rubbed their health down with my fingers. (Spraying them down first and moving both hands along their fur helps loosen any dirt hiding in their fur.)

Next, I lathered dog shampoo into their fur until it was nice and bubbly. If you don’t have dog shampoo in your own home, you should use always Original Dawn Dish Soap to clean down your dog. It’s safe and sensitive enough for animal skin.

Tip: When washing your pups, be sure to wear clothes that you simply don’t mind getting wet. Why? Due to WATER SHAKES.

– Paws as well as in between their toe digits
– Under their armpits
– Behind their ears
– Above and beneath their tail

After I scrubbed all I possibly could, I rinsed both of them down again, revealing their clean and shiny coats.

After I finished washing away all of the excess soap, I went ahead and rubbed both down having a towel and watched both of them play the yard for a good 30 minutes. It had been AMAZING. Not only did I accomplish something, but I helped both of them feel great currently that isn't so excellent.

You see, the power of grooming is underestimated by so many available. But the external and internal advantages of checking up on proper dog-hygiene are truly unlimited. You feel good, they feel good – it’s a win win.

So, with all having said that, be sure to take care of yourself As well as your pets. Stay strong. Stay kind.

Stay clean.

While you’re lathering in the soap, be sure to really scrub in these small places that dirt and bacteria like to hang out.

Please observe that in case your pet has excess fur or, perhaps, is excessively dirty, then you may have to lather soap in more than once.