Nose to Toes Healing, the main difference a Balm could make


Neglect and abuse is usually written on the pet’s body.

Their cracked skin and withered frame speak of the days, weeks, and months they have been left to endure the elements. Surviving is really a natural instinct, however these animals have been pushed to the absolute limit.

Still, it’s amazing to see the way the proper care of a good rescue, designed with some essentials, can change a pet’s life around and produce the light back to their eyes. Time and nutrition can do so much for a rescued animal, but topical treatments possess a wonderful impact too.

Pura Natural is a such treatment with dramatic recent results for pets in recovery. Her capability to transform and soothe from wounds to sun-damage the best of this is all the ingredients are natural and organic. This means that chemicals aren't being introduced to animals with already compromised immune systems.

To test the effects to live in, we sent their Paw Rescue balm home with one of our office dogs, Bentley. Ben looks innocent enough, but he’s a bit of an escape artist, so his paws are always working hard.

Now, Ben is really a picky eater, and that's why his mom was shocked when he attempted to lick the balm off his paws. Luckily, it's food-grade with ingredients like hemp seed oil and rosemary, so it’s safe enough for him to slurp a little.

Even with a decent portion being licked off, Paw Rescue made an extremely noticeable difference in Ben’s paws. These were nourished, softer, and best of all protected.

Ben has a loving home with an amazing family, however, many rescue pets don’t have a mom to pick up this balm on their behalf. Paw Rescue is available on several rescue pets’ wishlists and has the power to heal their broken outsides, to allow them to focus on charming potential families.

Consider donating Pura Organic Paw, Nose, and Multi-Purpose Ointment for a rescue pet in recovery.