10 Eco-Friendly Pet Products for Earth Day


With Earth Day upon us, it’s a great reminder of methods our pets interact with the world. The products they will use can be a make or break factor in health- both for them and the planet. By being aware of how goods are made, how our pets react to them, where they go after we’ve used them, we are able to be sure to support a much better life for everyone.

Poop Bags

A staple for each responsible dog parent is their bags. Typically, your dog uses roughly 4,500 bags in their lifetime and that impact matters. This really is one conscious choice you and your pet can practice everyday together.

Poop bags accumulate with time, but flushable waste bags mean your dog’s waste won’t sit in a landfill trapped in a plastic time capsule. If holding filled bags within a long walk appears like an excessive amount of, Earth Rated Unscented Vegetable-based Dog Waste Bags are compostable, even right down to the interior roll and packaging. 

Cat Litter

In an identical way, Litter One Biodegradable Cat Litter Kit is a superb alternative for eco-friendly cat parents. This kit is not only 100% biodegradable, but fully equipped and assembled, which means a fresh box just requires pulling a tab- no scrubbing required.

Dog Toy

Playtime doesn’t need to mean easily torn plush animals or plastic rings. Rope toys behave like dental floss and therefore are biodegradable, which makes them a safe and healthy choice for your dog. Each adorable animal within this trio may also be used as a teething tool by dipping them in water and placing them in the freezer.

Cat Toy

It’s easier than ever to scratch your cats itch using the KONG Cat Scratcher. They are created using renewable resources and are recyclable, but they are also a cost-effective option as they are reversible. 


As raw and healthier pet foods come onto the market, a looming danger exists in the bacteria that may grow and make a pet sick. Keeping a dish clean can help to save your dog from the sudden illness. Disposable pet bowls were made with this particular purpose in your mind. These bowls can be used by themselves or like a liner into your pet’s dish so you can feed them confidently.

Dog Food

Unexpected food allergies may cause terrible effects on dogs. Without a medical screening, it can be hard to uncover the source and in many cases, food with multiple proteins can only complicate things. Unlike cats, dogs do not require animal proteins, so vegan dog has shown helpful. Your dog will be eased from any discomfort, while you have enough time to assess all their needs. Halo Adult Holistic Garden of Vegan Dry Dog Food and Halo Vegan Dog Treats were made to ensure your pet is receiving complete nutrition and removing animal products ensures they are better for that world around them as well.

Cat Food

While cats are carnivores, animal proteins lowers around the food chain tend to be more healthful for them and better for that environment overall. The Honest Kitchen Grain Free Chicken Recipe Dehydrated Cat Food uses human-grade and whole ingredients so that your cat can also enjoy their golden years. The candid Kitchen WISHES Whitefish Fillet Dog and Cat Treats are a great treats option, with their only ingredient being white fish. 

Choosing holistic items may seem overwhelming, but by focusing on ingredients and materials, you'll be benefiting every animal in your home. No matter if your pet is brown, tortie, or golden, making their lifestyle a little greener will be a positive change.

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