The very best Start: Supplies for any New Puppy


Bringing a puppy right into a new house is stuffed with many joys for a very first time pet parent. A new dog is going to be learning their role like a family member and being prepared makes it much less stressful for everybody involved. 

It can seem to be overwhelming, but in time, you'll pick up on everything your pup needs for the new puppy home.

Everything You'll need for a Puppy Checklist

We've outlined a checklist to assist generate a pet parent for success, so that you can focus on bonding together with your new pooch after bringing them home. Checking things off means you'll be giving them the best start and avoiding potential issues down the road.

Puppy Food

What kibble you decide to put in your furry friend's food bowl is a big choice. This food will nourish them and set them on a path which will determine a lot of things in their future. 

Choosing high-quality ingredients is key when choosing their food. We is a fan of Merrick because of the great quality and the fact that it's readily available for the most part pet stores. 

Be sure you find a food that targets your puppy's life stage. They'll grow up quicker than you believe, so keep an eye out for timing on when you should transition to a different stage.

ID Tag

Identification is one of the most significant steps with regards to a new puppy. Many pet parents are separated from their dog every year and going for a few extra steps increases your chances of seeing them again.

Having a tag together with your current telephone number on a collar is an easy way for other people to contact you in case your pet gets out. Beyond a tag, a registered microchip will make sure a way to contact you if your pup gets from their collar.

Additional steps to prevent your dogs escaping your home include baby gates and a play pen. This provides a divider so no furry paws could make their way out front doors.

Martingale Collar

When you are looking at collars, there are plenty of choices and your preference may evolve as you find out more about your dogs, but we recommend beginning with a martingale collar. They grow together with your puppy and tighten as the puppy pulls. 

These collars are wonderful when beginning socialization as possible have a firm hold of your pet as they explore. Being safe during playtime means you can avoid injuries and make good habits for future years.


Whether you decide to start crate training or otherwise, a crate is an integral part of being a pet parent. Utilizing a kennel means you are able to transport your pet, so that you can focus on driving and does not be distracted.

Puppy training can be a little easier with a crate, so you can produce a routine that your puppy depends upon. Learn more about crate training here.

Dog Bed

A nice dog bed is a calming way to show your dog they're welcome in your home. This is often within your dog's crate or perhaps in space that's entirely their own. 

Water Bowls

Hydration can be quite important, specifically for energetic young dogs. Using stainless is a good idea since they can be cleaned easily.

Interactive Toys

Your puppy is going to be so fun- so fun they will never wish to stop playing. Having plenty of toys on handle will assist you to channel their energy, particularly if they are teething. 

Teething puppies have a practice of getting into trouble, but having chew toys might help prevent some damage. Toys with chewy treats inside can also be helpful with highly intelligent dogs, so they do not get bored.


Something many pet parents overlook is their puppy's dental health. Treats alone aren't enough to keep their teeth healthy. 

Getting your fingers with bristles might help, but we also recommend getting regular dental visits at their vet.


Finding a great toothpaste to make use of with a dog toothbrush can improve a pet's wellness in a variety of ways. An enzymatic toothpaste will keep their teeth clean, breath fresh, and is safe to be swallowed.

Pet Insurance

If the unthinkable happens, medical bills can be astronomical. Taking the time to find pet insurance will provide a safety net so you can avoid emptying your wallet in case your dog breaks something.


Potty training can be a big journey for many dogs as well as which are more properly trained dogs- poop happens. Puppy pads are great as you begin this journey, but be sure to place them in the same place consistently.

As your pet grows, they will be able to watch for walks or learn to use doggy doors. A good pooper scooper and doggy bags can help at this time. 

Beyond these key items, you will see a few other things to learn together with your new best friend including nail clippers, vaccinations, and groomers. Remember, through it all, the most important thing you will be bringing home to your new puppy is love.

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