The Secret Joy to be a Medical Foster


Walking through the shelter, there are so many animals lining the kennels, but there are lots of not on display. Those animals with medical needs are the highest rick for euthanasia because of the time and cost related to ailments and injuries.

For a rescue to take in these tougher cases of medical dogs, they need a very special asset. Medical fosters are individuals who open their houses to animals who require some extra TLC.

It sounds like a large job, and sure, it can be, but the benefits are multiplied ten fold. Nurturing a dog while they overcome illness is really a uniquely rewarding journey that many people, and much more families, take on in order to save lives.

These fosters agree, by taking your first leap is the hard part. After stepping forward once, the 2nd and third times feel more manageable.

Puppies like Dexter possess the opportunity for an entire life because of these volunteers. So many of these animals make this type of complete turnaround, it’s almost unbelievable these were sick at all.

Contact your local animal rescue to explore what being a medical foster would seem like.

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