Being Healthy With Your Dog


Whether it’s the new year or even the middle of July, it is never the incorrect time for you to commit to leading a wholesome, happier lifestyle.

It can be difficult to stay on track though – particularly when your friends and family aren’t going down exactly the same path.

For people who're lucky enough to get possess a pet, there’s no need to invest in a much better, healthier life alone. Rather, you are able to achieve your ultimate goal together!

With small changes in both your diets, sleep-patterns, activity, both you and your pup can achieve the best results.


A healthy body starts with a healthy diet. Basically.

Most people underestimate the power of food with regards to the way the body function. However, the truth is that what we eat is (more often than not) directly correlated to how our bodies operate.

With that said, by eating the best types of food in the correct portions, you can provide the body with the power sources it needs to maintain a healthy mental and physical state. The same goes for our pets, who benefit greatly from well balanced diets that are crucial in maintaining proper nutrition.

By eliminating artificial and processed goods and replacing them with nutrient-rich foods, you can rid both you and your pet’s bodies of toxic and harmful things that affect your energy levels, immunity, and digestion.

When it comes to snack-time, eliminating human food from your pets diet can't only help maintain a healthy figure, but a shiny coat too. Healthy food choices alternatives which are safe for you personally and your dog to enjoy together are baby carrots, peas, or perhaps small slices of apples.

You may also begin using these foods to make a home-made meals for you personally and your dog. Discover more about Big, Bad Food Fads HERE.

Doctor and Veterinarian Checkups

To maintain and monitor your well-being, it is vital to determine a doctor at least one time a year to check for disease and the body health. You have to our pets, who take advantage of yearly physical examinations too. (Twice a year for geriatric pets.)

Staying up-to-date on the yearly basis will not only assist you to both engage in preventative health care like vaccinations and pre-screenings, but it will also assist you to gauge your present status of health.

Note: Be conscious of all changes that may occur for your pet. In case your pet starts to exemplify abnormal symptoms or experience lethargy or appetite loss in between check-ups, our recommendation is that they be physical evaluated as quickly as possible.

Daily Upkeep

When it comes to leading fitness, do not underestimate the power of proper hygiene and up-keep.

For us humans, this can mean showering, brushing our teeth, and brushing out our hair. In participating in a healthy daily up-keep, we could stay in pristine shape and decrease our likelihood of infection.

Such situations are also essential for your dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By grooming a dog regularly, one of the many stuff you promote is a healthy skin production through stimulation. Though it’s also ideal for removing bacteria, external parasites, and dead skin-cells.

Brushing your pet’s teeth can also be essential in preventing periodontal disease, which if left untreated can cause organ failure.
Note: If you're brushing your pet’s teeth, please make sure to use a dog-friendly toothpaste. Don't use human toothpaste because it is toxic to pets.


On average, humans need about 6-8 hours rest to make sure optimal rejuvenation. Making sure you are getting the right amount of sleep every evening is yet another great part of improving your health.

And get this – you don’t need to do that alone either! You can enjoy a lavish sleep or perhaps a restful nap with your furry friend right at your disposal. (Because who doesn’t love a good, puppy cuddle-sesh?)

Though most dogs need about 12-14 hours rest a day, depending on how old they are, size, and breed. That being said, a dog will usually adapt to your sleep schedule. Therefore if you’re getting eight hours rest an evening, they will, too. The other hours can be supplemented by naps throughout the day!


A body moving stays in motion.

Incorporating exercise into both you and your pet’s lives is crucial to leading a wholesome way of life.

Not only does daily exercise allow us to maintain good shapes and reduce the likelihood of disease, but it also provides both you and your pet with a healthy dose of mental stimulation.

One from the advantages of working out is that there are no set rules that dictate the way you should sweat and so long while you remain safe, the possibilities are endless. That you can do everything from a weight run, to going to a dog park, playing in the backyard, hiking, or perhaps doing yoga. These exercises are not just functional to activate your heart, they are also great ways to bond together with your dog.

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