Trim Dog Nails at Home


Regular nail trimming is part of a well-rounded pet care routine. However, taking your pet to a groomer or vet office every 2-4 weeks will not be free and time intensive. An average nail trim ranges from $20-$25 which adds up quickly.

In an effort to help ease this burden, we’ll get into how you can create a wonderful at-home nail trimming regimen. For around $5-$10, you may be designed with the various tools to maintain your pet’s paws prim and proper. A nail trimmer can be purchased at the local pet supply store or online.

To ensure the safest and finest results, it’s vital that you have someone assist by holding your pet. You’ll wish to place your pet laterally, which means placing the pet on its side.

Select the paw you’re starting with and, making use of your thumb, press in to the core paw pad. This can separate the nails from one another making them more easily accessible.

Before cutting, being attentive to “the quick” in each nail. The quick is the blood vein in every nail and should not be cut, because it will bleed. If you accidentally hit the quick, having styptic powder on hand will stop the bleeding. Should you don’t have on hand, utilizing a little flour stop the bleeding.

White nails are semi-translucent, therefore the quick will be obvious, but it’s harder to see in black nails. When cutting black nails, it’s better to cut a little at a time to prevent injuring your dog.

Pro Tip: Walking your dog on cement will behave as a natural nail filer and provide you with a little more time between nail trims.