MyLifeScore360 shows the way your health measures up


No one loves to be judged. It's perfectly normal to seem like that's happening whenever you buy a life insurance coverage.

What does a life insurance company say is healthy? Does your medical history have to be squeaky clean? What about your family's medical history?

In the ancient, before smartphones and streaming movies, how your health compared to other people who are utilising for a lifetime insurance coverage was shrouded in mystery. In many cases, people completed a paper application, took a health check and waited weeks to listen to back from the life insurance company by what their premium would be with no benchmarks to determine how their own health stacked as much as others.

That's not the case anymore. You are able to answer 10 simple questions to learn just a little about how exactly different data points may influence life insurance coverage risk. It's known as MyLifeScore360 from our friends at LifeScore Labs and MassMutual.

MyLifeScore360 makes understanding your life insurance risk actually interesting – and hey, a good score may bring some serious bragging rights.

How MyLifeScore360 works

MyLifeScore360 provides a risk-based score relative to you aren't exactly the same age, gender, and smoking habits as you. It gives you a good way to understand your mortality risk. With different zero to 100 rating with 100 being the best, you can get your score simply by answering a couple of questions.

The MyLifeScore360 report shows your expected risk compared to your peers and provides you information on good and bad contributors for your score. The questionnaire is really as easy to complete as an online personality test, but it's run by sophisticated data.

Under the hood of MyLifeScore360 is an innovative predictive model that leverages 48 variables from nearly one million life insurance policies across Fifteen years. The tool uses machine learning and artificial intelligence – like Skynet, but nice – to provide you with a visible snapshot of your health.

The tool asks you basic health information you need to know either off the top of your head or can estimate reasonably, such as your height, weight and blood pressure.

What concerning your MyLifeScore360 report

Some from the variables which go into MyLifeScore360 you can't control, much like your age and family health background. But you do have a minimum of some influence over others, like your weight, cholesterol and smoking behavior.

What's great about MyLifeScore360 is you can play around with the variables to see how losing 5 pounds or stopping smoking may alter the way life insurance coverage companies view your wellbeing. And that can be a positive motivation to change and possibly lead to lower insurance charges.

MyLifeScore360 starts to bring much-needed transparency right into a procedure that seems pretty secretive: life insurance medical underwriting. The inputs that MyLifeScore360 uses that will help you understand more about your lifetime insurance risk are lots of of the identical types of questions you'll be asked inside a life insurance application. Those questions give you a glimpse into the underwriting process and a rough idea of how insurance providers might view your wellbeing status.

So through getting your score, you've got a better feeling of the way your health will stack up to other peers when trying to get coverage.