Who Requires a Billion dollar Life Insurance Policy?


Life is all about finding the right balance. The perfect mixture of play and work, needs and wants, saving and spending.

You'll face the same kind of decision-making when shopping for life insurance. Purchasing too little coverage can leave your family underinsured, too much can have you allocating an excessive amount of your budget alive insurance.

If the unthinkable happened and your family faced a future without you, life insurance is the family's financial safety net. A good guideline would be to have coverage that's about Five to ten times your annual salary. So if you earn $100,000 a year, a $1 million life insurance policy could be the solution you're looking for. Or if you earn less but have substantial debts like a mortgage or student loans, it might be the best fit. A million-dollar term life policy is most likely less expensive than you believe. A healthy 35-year-old woman can purchase a 20-year, $1 million term life insurance policy from Haven Life for around $35 per month.

For people readers who want to understand all the factors which go into deciding if your $1 million life insurance coverage fits your needs, continue reading. If you want the cliff notes version to know if it’s the correct quantity of coverage for you personally, use an online life insurance coverage calculator.

Eligibility for any million-dollar life insurance policy

If you're interested in buying $1 million in coverage, it's important first to find out if you're eligible. A mix of your age and salary information helps an insurer determine whether you qualify for the quantity of coverage you're seeking. For many insurers, the utmost is between 10 to 30 times your annual salary with some variation according to your age. Typically, younger you're, the higher your coverage eligibility is.

Most of times, you'll have no problem qualifying for that coverage you're seeking if you are employed (and assuming you're eligible for coverage together with your current health.)

Additionally, you should use your income as a barometer for how much coverage you actually need. If you earn $30,000 annually, for example, $1 million in coverage may be excessive.

Rather than trying to guesstimate, a web-based life insurance coverage calculator can help you find your ideal coverage and eligibility. This way, you are able to properly gauge your family's needs without having to do any air-math along the way.

Determine if $1 million fits your life insurance needs

In general, you should get coverage that's 5 to 10 times your salary, and ensure your coverage is enough to help take into account:

  • Your mortgage and other significant debts
  • Child care and dependent expenses
  • Intentions to pay for your child's education
  • Cosigned debts
  • Health care costs for a non-working spouse and children
  • The price of a funeral and final expenses

After considering how your family can afford these expenses without your income, you will probably find that $1 million in coverage is just right. Or, you might decide that you'd like to have additional coverage to lock in affordably pricing for the next 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. Again, a life insurance calculator can factor in all of this information to provide an estimate according to your family's situation.

In situations where you're looking at the policy needs of a stay-at-home parent, it's really a bit more difficult to determine the right amount of coverage since they don't technically earn an income. Typically, the child-rearing partner is going to be eligible for the same amount of coverage because the working spouse. And remember: yes, households should have coverage on stay-at-home parents.

The cost of a $1 million life insurance coverage policy

It may surprise you the way affordable $1 million in coverage can be. A proper 35-year-old woman could purchase a 20-year, $1 million insurance policy for about $35 per month. That's a nothing more than $1 per day. Not necessarily a bad price for any tremendous amount of reassurance. And, she gets to lock in that price for the following 20 years.

And remember, pricing for coverage is affordable younger and healthier you are. That's why, knowing you need coverage, you'll want to lock in your lower rate now.

Rates are also influenced by the term length of policy you select. A 30-year term is more expensive than the usual 20-year or perhaps a 10-year term.

The main point here: How old you are and health, the quantity of coverage, and also the length of your policy will all impact how much you have to pay for coverage every month.

Choosing the best term length for you

Term life insurance is a straightforward, affordable type of coverage that can last for a specific period of time – 10, 15, 20 or 3 decades. You pay for coverage throughout the years you need it most, until your kids are adults or perhaps your mortgage is paid off.

Picking the best term length is, again, about balance.

A life insurance coverage calculator will require into account how old you are, income, debts and family structure debts to provide a recommended term length as well as coverage amount that could be perfect for your situation.

A longer-term policy will definitely cost more, but it also lets you make use of your current age to secure a lower rate a bit longer of time. A shorter-term policy costs less monthly for the time being, however when the term expires, you might still be in need of coverage. In that scenario, you'll need to either buy a new policy or extend your coverage. Regardless, rates is going to be significantly higher because you'll be a great deal older.

Buying a million dollar life insurance policy

You purchase a billion dollar life insurance policy to help financially protect your loved ones within the worst of that time period. Therefore, it's important to choose a company that you are confident will be around for that lifetime of your policy. Life insurance coverage ratings are important to consider when looking for an insurance policy.

Life insurance providers receive ratings from independent agencies according to their financial strength, as well as the rating agency's assessment from the company's claims-paying ability. To put it simply: It's an indication of the insurer's capability to shell out claims if you were to die.

For example, at Haven Life, our Haven Term policy is issued by MassMutual, that is rated A++ by A.M. Best. This is the highest rating available from A.M. Best.

And thanks to today's technology, buying life insurance coverage today is simpler than in the past. You can simply calculate your needs, obtain a quote, apply on the internet and, if approved, start your coverage in the same day.

The online application will ask about your income, your family structure, as well as your health. Answer each question openly and honestly which are more accurate pricing and results.

At Haven Life, it's even easy to buy as much as $1 million in term life while not having to have a medical exam. That is because, in partnership with MassMutual, Haven Life has built technology that can analyze application information in real-time. If the life insurance coverage company has a good enough understanding of your wellbeing and risk, the formality of the exam might not be needed. (However, it is essential to be truthful when completing the application. The issuance from the policy or payment of advantages depends upon the truthfulness of answers in the application.)

Once a credit card applicatoin is submitted, Haven Term applicants will know if a health check is required to finalize coverage. In most cases, you will have temporary coverage in the time between application submission and when we receive the health check results.

You do not have to predict the future

One problem with getting life insurance is it makes you contemplate your personal mortality, but that accompany an upside. By considering what can happen to your loved ones should you died, you also have to consider what you are worth, financially speaking, and the response is normally a lot more than you believe.

The best way to work out how much life insurance coverage you might need, and how much you're eligible for, is to use an online life insurance coverage calculator like the one at Haven Life. In minutes, it can benefit you identify you and your family's needs, and give you a customized quote for coverage. After considering how your family could afford these expenses without your income, you might find that $1 million in coverage is simply right, or you might discover that you need a little more or a bit less.

So who requires a $1,000,000 life insurance policy? The solution may well be “you.” To find out without a doubt, try Haven Life's easy-to-use life insurance coverage calculator.

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