How Life insurance coverage Fits Into The Savvy Couple's Financial Plans


Brittany and Kelan Kline met in preschool, but didn't remember the encounter until they started dating in senior high school in North Chili, New York.

“Opposites surely do attract. We're able to 't be more different. I'm an introvert, he's an extrovert, I am a saver, he's a spender, I'm decisive, he's indecisive, but it works best for us,” Brittany says.

At an earlier age, they thought they knew the things they wanted to use their lives. Kelan had dreamed of being a police officer from age 7 as he completed a lost $50 bill he found in a parking lot. Brittany wanted to be a teacher since she played school together with her friends like a 5-year-old.

Yet their initial dreams didn't come out exactly as planned. Kelan cycled through a bunch of different jobs, such as office manager, delivery driver and EMT, before finally breaking into police force like a jail deputy. We have spent like a deputy for nearly three years, Kelan learned it wasn't the job choice for him. Meanwhile, Brittany entered her teaching career with a master's degree and $32,000 in student loan debt.

Even worse, the careers had them focusing on vastly different schedules, which meant diminished time together for that couple who was simply inseparable since senior high school. Kelan fell into depression because he hated his job. “It hit both of us very difficult,” Brittany says.

Making it in to the NFL sounded easier than making money blogging. It was so hard to believe.

Kelan and Brittany began to search the web for ways to earn more money like a side hustle. (Kelan got the entrepreneurial bug at an early age, flipping items on eBay like a 13-year-old.) They both were thinking about budgeting and private finance and thought blogging about their journey could earn a couple of hundred dollars per month.

Three years ago, Kelan and Brittany started The Savvy Couple. It took nine months for the personal finance blog to earn $50. That first little bit of revenue was enough for Kelan to take the leap and focus on the blog full time. “It would be a leap of faith,” Kelan remembers.

The couple anticipated the big financial changes ahead. They in the bank a year's price of salary before Kelan quit his regular job to operate full time on The Savvy Couple. “I was very skeptical initially. Of course, right? Making it into the NFL sounded easier than earning money blogging. It had been so difficult to believe,” Brittany says. The transition was tough. Kelan took an enormous pay cut going from more than $25 per hour as a jail deputy to $13 each hour employed by a buddy at a local college to make payments as they blogged.

Day by day and monthly, The Savvy Couple gained traction and also the couple's friends began to request their financial assistance with budgeting, savings and generating income online. They went from creating a few hundred dollars per month to a couple thousand to more than $10,000 per month. They paid off $25,000 in education loan debt in less than five months to become debt-free. In May, The Savvy Couple earned more than $43,000.

The “me to we” moment

As the business grew, the Klines desired to boost their family too. Before they did that, they decided to buy life insurance coverage. “If an emergency happened, I wanted us to be protected,” Kelan says. He had read positive reviews about Haven Life from Bobby Hoyt, known as Millennial Money Man, and NerdWallet, and shared those reviews with Brittany.

Kelan and Brittany were impressed the process was simple to do online. They each purchased a 20-year, $500,000 Haven Term policy, issued by MassMutual, in the spring of this past year.

Their daughter, Kallie, was created in August 2021. The life span insurance policy makes them seem like they're ready for the unexpected, Kelan says.

Working toward early retirement

Their $500,000, 20-year term life insurance policies offer protection for every other and for their 11-month-old daughter throughout the years they're building their careers and raising their daughter. The affordability of term life insurance allows Brittany and Kelan in order to save more money and build a nest egg they hope will give them the financial flexibility to pursue their next dream careers.

Brittany left her teaching position in June to operate on The Savvy Couple full time with Kelan. “I loved every minute to be a teacher. But I love every minute of being with my loved ones more,” Brittany says.

“We wish to choose what our passion projects are, continue mission trips overseas and make products to affect our readers’ financial lives,” Kelan says. “It's all about giving back. Life insurance protects us as we are pursuing our goals.”