Life Insurance is the Perfect Last-Minute A birthday Gift


Looking for a great last-minute A birthday present? Well, take it from us: Pharmacy flowers aren't the solution. So what is the solution? A term life insurance policy. May possibly not seem obvious-it's difficult to wrap and doesn't come in a luxurious box. But what it lacks in pizazz it a lot more than makes up for in impact. By investing in a life insurance coverage and naming your loved one because the beneficiary, the mother for your children-or your sister, cousin, aunt, or anyone you realize who's a mom, really- knows just how much you care. Here's what we mean.

It's fast

Let's face it: If you're reading this, you've waited before the last second. Odds are, the shops are sold out of her size in that robe you were going to get her. Or maybe they've it, shipping delays caused by the coronavirus mean you can't have it in time. (Pro tip: Mother's Day gifts given on Memorial Day aren't typically well received.) That kitchen renovation must knows you promised isn't happening, either. Breakfast during sex? That needs, like, an entire visit to the supermarket. And cooking skills. And fully-stocked grocery shelves.

But guess what: You are able to make an application for term life insurance online and, if approved, start coverage instantly. This gives you a large number of your time to keep procrastinating (not too you want to do that) on writing a thoughtful card that features your brand-new term life insurance policy number.

It's romantic

Hear us out-how many gifts are you able to give that truly last for decades, are totally personal, and demonstrate the depth of your love and commitment? Let's just say chocolates don't compare. Getting a life insurance policy that might be paid to your partner if anything were to happen to you, is definitely an impactful way of saying “I love you.”

And also: “Thank you.” That is because you're giving a promise that, if the worst should come to pass, your partner and your children it's still looked after. You're essentially helping to handle their needs and expenses from beyond the grave, which is probably the ultimate type of appreciation. And it is certainly going to traverses a bunch of flowers.

It's time

Maybe here's your first A birthday with children. It can be your eleventh. Maybe the first child is on the way, in which case, yes, you still need to give a Mother's Day present. In any case, you are so much bigger now. It's not only about you, or else you as well as your partner. It's about your family, there are certain things you can do now to look after your loved ones far in to the future. Among those steps? Getting regular exercise, so you're at the best day in and day trip provided possible. And ok last one: Getting life insurance coverage. Life insurance becomes a must-have when you have a partner and little ones who rely on you financially. If that is only you don't have life insurance, then it's time.

Whether you get a 10-, 20- or 30-year term, you will be providing for your family in the event the worst should happen during those years. And whether you receive a $1 million term life insurance policy or perhaps a little less (or even more) in coverage, you will be helping take care of their expenses (tax-free) both in the near- and far-term. This can range from the price of a funeral to your children's college expenses or anything in between. This truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

It's less expensive than you think

The perfect Mother's Day gift is most likely much more affordable than you think. A healthy 35-year-old man can purchase a 20-year, $500,000 term life policy for about $24 per month. Need we are saying more?

It's the times

Maybe you've noticed, but there's a worldwide pandemic happening at this time, and unfortunately, nobody knows when and how it will all end. But the reality is, it's been an essential reminder that life-changing events-including highly contagious fatal viruses-can happen quickly. If you wait until you're older, you'll likely pay much more in premiums than you'll when you are healthy and young. And it is the tragic truth: awful things can happen to the young and healthy, too.

It's not only life insurance

Fun fact: Haven Life customers also enjoy the privileges of the Haven Life Plus rider, a suite of services, a few of which can be found at no charge towards the Haven Term policy. Including a year's subscription to the fitness app Aaptiv, free trust and can services from the appropriately named Trust & Will, free use of the jetlag-fighting Timeshifter app, and much more. In other words, you're not just giving the reassurance that comes with term life. You can also provide your partner the promo code for any virtual gym membership (be sure you offer to watch the kids) and a good night's sleep for when we are able to all start traveling again.

It's Fast. Romantic. Powerful.

Now you realize, life insurance coverage is a A birthday gift that truly checks all the boxes. The only question, then: How's it going likely to top this gift the coming year?