Why January Is the Best Time for you to Buy Life Insurance


With the strain from the holidays (and 2021 in general) behind you, and also the great open vistas of 2021 ahead, now's an expedient time to stop and consider- life insurance.

You see, we may be biased, but we feel this is actually the best time to buy a term life insurance policy. Now, we could just let it rest at that – it appears self-evident to all of us – but we suspect you are the type that should be persuaded. If you don't know when to get life insurance, we're here to help. So, sit back, tuck into that healthy lunch you've resolved to eat all year, and make preparations to be very, very persuaded.

It's January now. And now is always the time to buy life insurance coverage.

Fact 1: You'll never be younger than you're right now. Fact 2: The younger you are, the more affordable life insurance coverage typically is. That is because your overall health is a big factor in determining the premium you'll pay – with level set premiums (i.e., reasonably limited payment which costs exactly the same each month throughout your term), you need to secure the lowest rate possible. Which brings us to Fact 3: No one likes paying more for something than they absolutely have to.

See? Its time to start buying life insurance coverage. It's just the reality.

New year. New you.

We're unsure if anyone has stated this yet, but- 2021 was a challenge. Unprecedented, in ways. (And we did. A great deal.) If you weren't your very best self, well, you were not alone.

But that's ok. As we flip the web pages from the calendar, the promise of a brand new start means we can make smarter choices. Whether that's resolving to create wiser financial decisions or simply to enhance generally, a phrase life insurance policy can play a key role in making those resolutions into reality. First and foremost, a life insurance policy is a cornerstone of long-term financial planning since it provides protection for your loved ones should the worst happen to you. Secondly, Haven Term policyholders will also get access to Haven Life Plus, a rider of bonus features which include no-cost services like Aaptiv, the mobile fitness app, and LifeSite, a security service for your most significant documents, passwords and more – because both versions can make keeping the 2021 resolutions a little less hard.

2021 taught us that anything can happen

Look. The world thinks optimistic about 2021. There's a coronavirus vaccine on the way; a difficult summer began a number of healthy conversations and forward-thinking action on race in the usa. And of course, there is the prevailing sentiment: How could this year be any worse?

Unfortunately, who knows. 12 months ago, it might have seemed absurd our holiday cards would have pictures in our mask-wearing kids next to Santas behind Plexiglass, but that's precisely what happened. Uncertainty belongs to life, and while we certainly hope that, by this time next year, the pain sensation from the coronavirus pandemic is mainly behind us, there's always an opportunity another thing equally challenging will require its place. And, of course, the plague of racism within this country has persisted for hundreds of years, and undoing systemic racism is really a long-term project.

Point is, progress isn't guaranteed, and longevity might not be nearby. A part of coping with this uncertainty includes get yourself ready for unpleasant realities. Including ensuring you leave behind a safety net in case something unforeseen happen to you. Simply put, you do not know what tomorrow brings, but life insurance provides financial protection that will help your loved ones afford the stuff you purchase within the present. Whether it's a large expenditure just like a mortgage or simply your regular grocery bill, there are a lot of expenses that your family counts on you to deal with. Even funeral expenses can lead to major debt if your family or beneficiary is not prepared. Don't leave them in the lurch by failing to arrange for your absence. Be sure you possess a death benefit that will help support your family if you're no more together.

Wow. That got pretty real. Let's lighten up a bit, we could?

Life insurance coverage is fun

Seriously. You've been quarantining, making sourdough, fretting about your money and doing all of your part to build a better community. Why don't you live just a little? Getting term life insurance is a way to do that. You're able to answer a few questions regarding your health and habits, you get to (safely) communicate with a real-life person if your health check is needed, and more importantly, you'll get the reassurance that comes with handling your loved ones. In the event that doesn't set your heart aflutter, we don't understand what will. (To be fair, life insurance coverage is sort of our whole thing.)

What else are you currently doing in January, anyway?

It's January. It's cold. It's dark. You're still quarantined. Maybe you're doing dry January- This can be a long way of saying you might have some time on your hands. And what better use of that time than taking care of your family members.

Oh, and spoiler alert: It actually doesn't take that much time. Thanks to Haven Life's innovative technology, you are able to shop and apply for life insurance online in only minutes. Look after that, and you will have all of those other day to – um- make more sourdough?

It's still early, there is however an opportunity 2021 could be your very best year yet. One way to begin the right feet are to deal with those activities you have been intending to do for some time. Like finally reading Moby-Dick or watching The Wire. Oh, and buying life insurance that provides financial protection for your loved ones, and reassurance for you personally.

Hey, simply because the holiday season is over does not mean you cannot give one last gift to yourself, right?