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When it comes to satisfying customers, property insurance providers in Quebec are outperforming insurers in Ontario, the Atlantic region and Western Canada, a new survey has found. Quebec residents gave property insurance companies within the province a score of 800 on the 1,000-point scale, according to J.D. Power's latest edition of their Canada Home Insurance […]

If we're able to tell you one thing, only one thing, about securing affordable term life, it would be this: – Actually, wait a second. Looks like we've four things. Because here's the one thing: With life insurance coverage, every shopper seeks the most cost effective premium rates to find the best value. And, thanks […]

You probably already know why don't you having any (or enough) life insurance coverage is a concern. It's because your loved ones won't have an economic back-up to select from if something happened to you. But can you really have too much life insurance? Yes, actually, it is possible to have more life insurance than […]

You can get insurance for just about anything these days: your whisky collection, your pet, your cell phone – hell, even your legs, if you are Heidi Klum or David Beckham. And – whilst not as strange – bicycle insurance coverage is also with that list. But how, exactly, are you currently and your bike […]