You could save £145 a year on your car insurance by fitting a black box


BRITISH motorists are missing out on savings of lb1.7billion a year on their car insurance simply because they don't have black boxes.

Switching to some telematics policy can save you typically lb145 in your policy as insurers slash prices for careful drivers.

Black boxes accustomed to simply be for young drivers who are able to see savings of lb372 a year.

But insurers are now offering discounts to everyone with careful drivers able to save up to 21 per cent by using a black box.

And it's welcome relief with premiums increasing at five times the speed of inflation.

Yet research by uSwitch reveals only five per cent of Brits have actually been down a telematics path to curb their costs.

And almost half wouldn't even consider fitting one.

Black boxes are affixed to your car and track your everyday driving to provide a sign of methods risky you are.

After each journey you're given a score based on how well you've driven – including fast acceleration, harsh braking or speeding.

The best drivers are rewarded with discounts and "prizes" every month or at renewal.

But many motorists don't want to be tracked "Big Brother-style" and many believe the savings aren't exceptional.

But the latest data from uSwitch reveals Brits are really missing out big time.

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Rod Jones, insurance expert at, says: "The British public are extremely savvy, and therefore are always looking for ways to save extra pennies, especially given the rising costs of auto insurance which have soared by a fifth in the last year.

"With savings of up to lb145 available when installing a black box and the added benefits this technology brings when it comes to safety and theft, we're encouraging drivers to consider time for you to research black box policies and see if the new technology may help lower the cost of their policy.

"The money saved could instead be placed towards essential car maintenance or paying off other household debts."