The ten simple auto insurance mistakes You may be making that risk your claim denial


DRIVERS might be risking lb114million in rejected car insurance claims due to basic errors.

Research by uSwitch found two-thirds of drivers are putting their payout in peril by looking into making simple mistakes they weren't aware could invalidate their policy.

Slip-ups may include not receiving your car serviced, forgetting to resume road tax and not updating details together with your insurer should you change address or job.

You may also be liable for a lb1,000 fine from the DVLA should you don't keep the details up to date.

But errors like wearing flip-flops as well as having fluffy dice hanging in your rear view mirror can result in a claim denial, too.

Anything hanging in your mirror can obstruct your view, while not having correct footwear can mean you don't have full charge of the vehicle.

If either of these are located to be responsible for an accident, claims will be rejected.

Letting your pet roam around in the car can also invalidate a policy – and then leave you available to a lb2,500 fine by cops.

Leaving your car unlocked and underestimating mileage were two other faux pas being produced by drivers down and up the country.

According towards the survey, one fourth of drivers admitted they didn't realise these small errors could result in car insurance providers not paying out.

An additional third of drivers said they simply forget such behaviour might effect on claims.

More than 43,000 insurance claims are rejected every year using the average claim standing at lb2,671.

So motorists could be losing out on as much as lb114m from their small mistakes.

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Rod Jones, insurance expert at uSwitch, said: "We know the British public are increasingly time poor, so it's unsurprising motorists can be forgetful with regards to locking up their cars or renewing their car MOT and taxes promptly.

"With claims now encountering the thousands of pounds, people can not afford to make a careless mistake that could invalidate their cover and leave them out of pocket.

"Therefore, it is really important that drivers make a note of their key renewal dates, and steer clear of making the simple to forget mistakes to be covered should they ever desire to make claims."