Brits receive


INSURERS paid lb33million a day to British drivers for car claims.

Motorists received the huge sums to cover car repairs or new vehicles – plus injury payouts like whiplash.

The total was the most associated with a sector in front of home, travel and insurance for your pet, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

And a lot of the car insurance payouts were made to private policyholders – with only lb9.7million paid to commercial claims.

The soaring figures can be attributed to a recent hike in vehicle repair costs – as hi-tech models cost more to place right.

And despite Government changes to slash whiplash claims – a change towards the Ogden Rate that dictates payouts has sent costs through the roof.

An ABI spokesperson said: “By covering repair bills, thefts and paying compensation for sometimes very expensive personal injury claims, motor insurers are helping millions of motorists stay on the road.

"To help keep the price of cover competitively priced, it is crucial that the Government implements its reforms to how injury funds are calculated as quickly as possible.”

The huge payouts also go some way to explain why the price of car insurance is so high – especially young drivers.

The average annual fees are currently almost lb500 annually, with under 25s often spending double that.

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