Cops blasted for seizing car being driven home from act as its driver 'wasn't insured for COMMUTING'


COPS seized an automobile being driven home from work because its driver wasn't insured for commuting.

Officers from West Yorkshire's road unit swooped around the silver Volkswagen at night on Saturday around the M62 near Huddersfield.

M62 West, Huddersfield – Driver commuting from work – insurance plan excludes commuting. Also an incorrect addess around the policy. Seized and reported

— WYP Roads Policing Unit (@WYP_RPU) December 16, 2021

They boasted of the stop on Twitter and included a photo of the vehicle.

Their post read: “M62 West, Huddersfield – Driver commuting from work – insurance plan excludes commuting.

“Also the wrong address on the policy. Seized and reported.”

Drivers are required to inform their insurer when they plan to use their vehicles to commute, based on Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB, a group that actually works with police to crackdown on insured driving).

But Twitter reacted with fury – slamming the cops.

Richard Longbottom commented: “Clearly as busy trip to work……………Embarrassing really isn't it.”

Rob Clarke added: “Merry Christmas for you too, continue the important work.”

Michael Bran said the force “don't get his support about this one”, while Wes Channell replied: “Must happen to be a basic night…no real criminals to trap?”

Other comments included: "Seriously this is something to tweet about? You've got to be so proud of youselves." and "There's killers all around the police radar but you stop someone on the way to work. Congratulations."

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But Nick Sprigg defended law enforcement decision, saying: "All you bashing… you get the option when taking policies out.”

The avalanche criticism forced cops to justify their decision.

In a follow-up tweet they added: “Regarding the above mentioned comments, for obvious reasons we cannot discuss this specific incident in detail, however we always make sure the law is enforced fairly and proportionately.

“If using the vehicle for a type of use not covered, then the vehicle is uninsured for that journey.'”

According to MIB, cops make use of the organisation's helpline to verify the insurance coverage status of the car they suspect is not covered.

You could be responsible for huge bills if you have any sort of accident and you're not covered.

A statement on its website reads: “If no insurance is identified, or maybe law enforcement officer has significant concerns about a breach of the insurance plan, the police officer can immediately seize the automobile.

“Where the vehicle has been used outside of the policy terms, then MIB shares these details with the insurer in order to address the problem with their policyholder.

“The insurer will contact their policyholder to research this and may result in the policy being cancelled.”

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