Are you able to afford to stay on the street this year? Seven million Brits forced to give up cars due to rocketing costs


MORE than seven million motorists is going to be priced off course this season as driving costs skyrocket.

One in five Brits can't afford to shell out for car repairs, road tax, fuel and insurance, based on research by

It means drivers are at breaking point and therefore are much more likely than ever to sell their wheels in 2021.

Car insurance, blamed by 1 / 2 of motorists to have to give up their motor, has now hit typically lb758 Up lb43 year-on-year.

But people also blamed "rising petrol prices" on the inability to run a car.

Petrol and diesel has become over 120 pence per litre meaning the typical driver has to pay around lb1,200 a year to fill up.

Repairs are also forcing Brits to use trains and buses or walk as they're unable to pay to repair their broken cars.

The average Brit forks out lb342 annually on garage bills – while 10 per cent have to pay up to lb1,000.

And a lack of understanding of cars means drivers think they're overpaying of these repairs.

The study found 60 percent of drivers never understand what the required garage work was for – but repay anyway.

And 43 percent admit they're fully aware they're not running their car as cost-efficiently as possible – but don't possess the knowledge to chop costs.

Vehicle excise duty is another large slice of cash each year with new drivers facing a set rate of lb140 a year from last April.

Simon McCulloch, director of insurance at, said: "The ever-rising cost of having a car is in danger of putting the brakes on car ownership in the united kingdom.

"With many motorists relying on their car daily, it's rarely been more essential to stay over the factors that will impact premiums and continuing running costs alike, as doing this may be the difference between using the car or the bus."