Drivers who are SINGLE pay up to


DRIVERS are paying as much as lb200 more for auto insurance annually because they haven't tied the knot.

Research by comparison website discovered that just one female driver aged 30 would pay lb1,102 for an annual policy, when compared with lb905 for a married woman of the same age.

It also discovered that a married male driver aged 37 would save lb170 over a single man of the same age. claims that married drivers benefit from lower auto insurance costs because they are more prone to share time spent driving using their partner and this spreads the risk.

Couples will also be more prone to have children in a car, meaning they'll drive more carefully.

While singletons may have a tendency to spend more time on the highway, because of their relationship status.

The price comparison website urged newlyweds who've recently tied the knot, or drivers who've recently moved home, to update their auto insurance and potentially lower their costs.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, said: “Statistically, married drivers are more likely to have cheaper premiums, and savings can mount to countless pounds. But insurers is only going to know to adjust your premium if you notify them!

“Your insurer is just one of lots of companies you have to notify whenever you get married.

"While forgetting to change your name might not land you with a fine, drivers who forget to update details such as their address could be forced to shell out as much as lb1,000, which is marked against them with regards to renewing their auto insurance and potentially bump up their price."

A spokesperson in the Association of British Insurers, said: “Some insurers offer slightly lower premiums to people who are married but hopefully individuals are getting hitched for additional romantic reasons than this.”

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